Who is Zoe?

An Electrical and Electronic Engineer to-be?


To be an artist.

To be in a Rock band.

To be in a drama, a Director.

To be an innovator.


To serve the Lord.


To love.

To be loved.




  1. Dunno how I landed on your page (Pi weekly, perhaps?) but I’ve written some drivel on your site about university….
    Anyway warm-ish greetings from Finland. (Snowing a shed-load)

  2. Thanks for explaining lots of stuff for my in the area of Raspberry Py / Cherry Py and so forth. I’m going to build a web app that uses multiple serial devices in a dynamic mode to support chemical process development. Your blog is making it clear that the tools are there!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to help. Sadly, I’m no longer active in “tinkering” R-Pi and stuff recently. Nevertheless, do share with you what you do with your R-Pi and CherryPy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun!

  3. Hi! nice blog. Greetings from India.! I enjoyed the RPi stuff. do you have the file to introduce a button in the cherrypy tutorial to shutdown the server?

    1. Ah, yes I may have it somewhere in my earlier post… it has been a while… or let me try to dig my old files to see if i can find it and i will repost it

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