Useful Links

      1. jQueryMobile ThemeRoller
      2. w3Schools Online Web Tutorials
      3. Codeacademy
      4. CherryPy v3.2.0 documentation
      5. Windows CMD command line
      6. HTML Reference
      7. Weblog – Jan Wagemakers
      8. SB-Projects on R-Pi
      9. JQuery Tutorials
      10. Web2py Package Gluon
      11. Tutorials Point
      12. jQuery Documentation
      13. jQuery API
      14. R-Pi Resources on OCR
      15. TiddlyWiki <–must try!
      16. JSbin
      17. A R-Pi Tutorial site
      18. Raspberry Pi Unofficial Tutorial
      19. Home Genie
      20. R-Pi as a laptop?
      21. JAVA SE Embedded misc help commands
      22. Mitch Tech tutorial on how to link social network using Python
      23. REST tutorial   
      24. Another REST tutorial site
      26. SB Project – Twitter
      27. Project Euler <– good Python training
      28. Weather Forecast
      29. Beremiz – open source automation software
      30. Pi Weekly – weekly newsletter on Raspberry Pi news and projects

Forum/Google Group related pages:

Interesting blogs / websites bookmarked (for KIV):

jQuery Plugins KIV:


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