to do list

Hello Monday

Spent the whole day going through HTML basic on CodeAcademy. Pretty awesome. I wish i come across it earlier. :/

Did an interface sketch using Pencil.

Need to prepare for my final project proposal as well. :/

things to look at:



Thank God it’s Friday!!

Before I’m leaving my work for a weekend, let me note down a to-do list for next week:

1. Web2Py issue – different user mode disallow the web application to access and open the port
Refer here  and here  to learn how to change the user mode / add user.

2. Web App – design the web layout and user stories

3. jQuery – study it from

Get my project reports done, email some business partners-to-be, start a new Facebook page, tidy up my websites and Facebook page. Much things to do :/

And watch some AWESOME Korean Drama – Rooftop Prince. I rated it 5 stars. Yay! 😀 Everyone, watch it! I shall write about it some time 😉