True love lasts forever. Today she read the love letters he wrote to her 40 years ago. Once more, she falls in love with him.

Things may have changed over the years. Circumstances were harsh. People judged her. But their love were strong. Love may have faded when it became kinship. But she never leaves him. He never runs away. He bears all responsibilities. She is always there for him.

They never tell each other their love ever since that day. He chose his responsibility over her. She was disappointed. He knew. He kept quiet all the time. She was heart-broken. He felt helpless.

Years later. Once again, he had to fulfill his responsibilities. She said nothing but “take care” and a assured hug.

That’s unspoken love. Deep in the heart, they are connected, unbreakable, inseparable.

It is love that brings back memories. It is love that makes her cry. It is love that makes her stay. It is love that let her persist.

It was her choice 40 years ago. It is his love until today and forever.

Note: Always wanted to make this story into a film!!



他们说时间是最好的治疗师 – 能够治好所有的伤痛,能够冲淡所有的回忆,能够让一切化为无。vintage clock
他们说有时候感情宛如泡沫,在那最艳丽的时刻就会消失了。Bubbles flying at the beach
他们说有时候爱情像流沙, 一不小心就会陷下去,越挣扎就越陷越深。

May be

People say that things sometimes happen for a reason.
Perhaps like what I learned since young, God has everything planned from the start. Sometimes, there are choices to be made but anyhow if you leave it to Him, He will put things back onto the right track.
Some people say, words not meant to be spoken – it’s better to keep them till death. Things don’t go as you wanted, better to let them be.

Let it go.
To love and to be loved.
Those two things are described as the most precious feelings, greatest things on Earth. But if you are loved by the 2 person whom you love? Then you are guilty.

Love is a verb. Then it becomes a noun. But if you stop loving, the love fades.

Let it fade.

Not sure if this is the right song to represent how I feel right now but yeah, this nice song keeps swirling in my head.

Want and Don’t Want

I always think that being thoughtful is something sweet and the least thing one can do as a loving spouse. But I am a person who deeply in need of appreciation. I will stop doing something that is deemed unappreciated. I am being realistic and yet I would fantasize about how a blissful life should look like. I want a simple yet fruitful and meaningful life. I want someone who could keep my mind occupied with all his merit points so that I will love him even more every single day. I want to feel needed and yet I need a strong sense of security. I like being proud for who I am with. I like to be praised by the one who matters most. I want to be hugged like a little child, to be pampered like a princess, and to be loved like no one else.

I dislike broken promises. I dislike sweet-talks that keep me waiting and pondering. I dislike false hopes. I dislike distrust. I dislike waiting time. I dislike the breaking of hopes, the shattering of dreams. I dislike being ignored. I dislike insensitivity. I dislike rejection.