Why Gen-Y is in Crisis

Generation Y or the Gen-Y refers to the generation of people born during the 1980s and early 1990s -> And that’s me included!

While many always perceive that Gen-Y kids are rebellious, Gen-Y employees are hard to manage; we as Gen-Y think that we are proud to be the trouble-causing Gen-Y!

And now, we are in deep trouble, no doubt.

Firstly, we are no where more experienced or superior than the baby boomers nor the Gen-X. Either they manage us or they fund us in our start-ups. We are still learning from and leaning on them.

Then, here comes the Gen-Z, those born during late 1990s and early 2010s. They are literally born with iPads and stuff – they are called the digital natives. Technology industry booms with them, including the spectacles industry I presume. They are growing up faster than we thought. The Gen-X feed them and educate them well, too well.

They are better looking (or is it the camera that is getting better?), they are smarter, they act faster, and they are more competitive than us, the Gen-Y. They are probably seen as the “strawberry generation 草莓族 ” but, prickly. They possess a new set of challenge for us. Don’t you ever wonder why the Gen-Z girls are getting taller and better in shape? All of their selfies are prettier and almost flawless? Most of them get a Gen-Y boyfriend?! Even their babies are born ahead of ours! I’m not complaining but hey, did anyone else notice that?

The point is, if the Gen-Y still live in their arrogance shade, thinking that this is their era, soon they are going to be thrown out by the Gen-Z. This is no longer an era about linear hierarchy or generation superiority.


Gosh, I’m going to sleep first and worry tomorrow. Gen-Y.


Midnight Thoughts Overflowing, eh?

Hello World. Again. It seems like all my recent posts will have this verse of “it has been a while since I last post something here, well hello again!”. So, I will not repeat myself, you have read it and it’s really here in my post.

I’m still wide awake now, surprisingly, though I was telling myself to go home earlier today because I have valid reasons to do so – I am very sick and I have a conference call tonight. So, in order not to waste my overflowing brain juice, I decided to write a blog post tonight, though I was thinking about writing one when I was walking home just now.

Today was a good day, or a happy productive day. No one surprised me with flowers or candies but it was just one fine normal day. I enjoy commuting to work, having breakfast with colleagues, enjoy wearing high heels to walk around, saying hi and hello to anyone that pass by, thinking about work, having silent moments with my work, taking away lunch, talking to my boss about anything, commuting back home, walking back home and playing with the cats, and having a night conference call. That’s life. I mean that’s a way of living happily as well. Who cares about traveling and seeing the world. Who cares about having a lover to text you every now and then. Everyday, you stand at the same spot, the world will still change and you still get to see different things and meet different people.

And so, why commuting can be fun? Every morning is an observation game. You are entering a cabin with all seats being occupied. Then you start scanning through each of the sitting commuters (ok, those that are not sitting in the reserved seats). Based on your judgement of who will alight at the next stop, you take a bet and stand right in front of the person. Sometimes, you may not want to take a high risk and you would take a 50% bet. So you rather go for those with school bags – either they alight at Woodland or Yio Chu Kang (game over). Okay, that was fun, at least to me.

Breakfast is something that I look forward to after dinner, and for almost 12 hours. Isn’t the feeling of “looking forward” a happy thing?

Though, I used to have more things to look forward to each day.

Oh. Brain is shutting down now. Anyway, my point was, living happily can be simple, it’s just a matter of how you define it. Trust me, just label everything in your life as a “happy factor” and reason with yourself to figure out a valid reason to say that. Okay, even more summarized if you still don’t get my point, BE POSITIVE!

Good night.

Why even the Public (Govt.) Hospitals in Singapore are so expensive?

Have you ever thought of how many patients does a doctor have to sacrifice in order for him/her to gain enough experience to be called a good doctor? How many failures (in curing a patient) does a doctor need to go through before he/she learns?

Fresh inexperience doctors are being deployed in public hospitals and they are the doctors facing the new patients daily. New faces, new cases, they try anything on the patients until the patients seem to be cured. They are unsure of anything so they conduct all kind of experiments and eliminate the possible causes using trial and error. They could even send the patients for multiple X-Rays, EEG, MRI scans and come back telling you that they still can’t find anything abnormal. (“Yeah, we just want to confirm there is nothing abnormal!”) Just how much damages had inflicted on the patients after going through those scans? Not mentioning the money.

It’s true that you can’t blame them for not knowing how to make the right judgement as soon as possible. I’m just wondering where have the experienced doctors gone to? Don’t these inexperience doctors need them as coach? Don’t the patients need the experienced doctors to save them from being harmed by those redundant experiments?

Let’s try this drug today. Doesn’t work? Let’s try another one tomorrow. Doesn’t work again? Let me increase the dosage. Doesn’t work again? Let me try another one.

Really? Is that how our human body react to the drugs? Able to adapt to new types of drugs everyday and show the accurate results overnight? Worse still, able to show the result at the time when the doctor comes to visit the patient?? (“Stay one more night for observation?” One more night of experiment you mean. There you go, money.)

I’m not a doctor and I seriously have no idea. It’s a pity to all of us, non-doctors, to have to accept whatever treatment that a doctor has to give us – be it right or wrong. We have no proof to show whether they are curing us or making our conditions worse. What is money compared to health? Nothing at all! Just have to trust them eh?

This is life.

It happens

It happened, it happened and it happens again.
There are times when you got so excited about a sudden inspiration or idea, you did research, you drafted out the plans, you visualized the outcomes, and you smiled to yourself, saying that “what a genius I am”.

Then, boom.

Someone is currently working on the similar idea while you are dreaming, while you are pitching to the people around you. Then one day, you see it, your idea, comes to live. Not done by you, the genius, but someone else. Everyone said, “see, someone else is already doing it”.

You collapsed, demoralized, blamed yourself for not turning your idea into a reality.

Then, one day you got the eureka moment again. And the same process repeats.

You fall and fall again as it happens over and over again.

One day, you know the same idea is out there, and people has implemented it. Indeed, it is proven to be very successful. You know it is definitely something worth to implement. Then you proposed. But it happens again, “Yes, what you proposed is exactly what we are going to do soon”. You are still, slower.

But on a positive note, you are slower, but the original idea is still there. You just need that one try out of thousands to keep your work up to date with what you think you want to do, and get ahead of others.

And when no one believe in your ideas and dreams, it’s okay to be the only one to hold on to that.

“Hey mom, look. That fruit juice stall is selling one glass of fruit juice at minimum $5.90. Every month, I would be earning more than what I earn for a year right now if you let me start a fruit juice stall instead of sending me to university.”

Haha, no way. I will be called an ungrateful child if I say that.

One day, I will be a First Class Graduate fruit juice seller and I will be grateful that I am not a secondary school fruit juice seller. Phew.

May be

People say that things sometimes happen for a reason.
Perhaps like what I learned since young, God has everything planned from the start. Sometimes, there are choices to be made but anyhow if you leave it to Him, He will put things back onto the right track.
Some people say, words not meant to be spoken – it’s better to keep them till death. Things don’t go as you wanted, better to let them be.

Let it go.
To love and to be loved.
Those two things are described as the most precious feelings, greatest things on Earth. But if you are loved by the 2 person whom you love? Then you are guilty.

Love is a verb. Then it becomes a noun. But if you stop loving, the love fades.

Let it fade.

Not sure if this is the right song to represent how I feel right now but yeah, this nice song keeps swirling in my head.

My Ideal Job

My ideal job would be one that requires me to walk around frequently, greeting everyone as I walk pass, and having as much human interaction as possible. I like my time alone too, working on my own work and development, generating ideas and do planning. But I do like discussing with people, sharing ideas, and listening to other people.

My current job is somewhat 75% like that, and therefore I like how it is now and I can improve on it.

Air Filter

We all need a mini air filter stuck into our nose to solve the second-hand smoke problem! 😡 It won’t be obvious to people around you and yet you can breathe easily at anywhere.

Anyway, I saw a banner advertisement about a cigarette brand and at the bottom of the banner, it writes: “Reminder: Smoking Kills”. I can never understand all these advertisements and the efforts that the government is trying to put into stopping her people from smoking. In fact, I don’t understand why do people smoke when they know it’s obviously harmful?

I had a new horror movie idea this morning! >:) A horror movie about the encounters of some smokers…which actually resulted from a hallucination drug in the cigar. It would be great if it’s real. :/ Meh.

On the positive note, my patience has grew over the years.


Hello. Long time since my last post. It has been a few busiest months, coming to an end this week after I am done with my Final Year Project Oral Presentation.

Just so you know, the title of this post is not anyway related to “art that is deviant in a heinous manner or whatsoever”, but just an art community site that I am a member of since 9 years (WUT! 9 years?!) ago. Yes, it is It is a shocking figure that shows how fast time actually flies. While browsing through my page, which I rarely do, I feel like a loser. 😦 Let me tell you why.

I had a very strong self-esteem when I thought I’m really good at drawing. So I drew and drew. Back then, I had little access to the internet and not even a scanner or a proper computer. I would let my sister to bring all my drawings to scan at her office and send them to me via e-mail. Then I would post them one by one to using a public computer. Later, the venue has a scanner. I was very delighted. I drew more, scan more, and post more. As I grew older, I owned a computer, and happily installed Adobe Photoshop (my dream software) in it. I couldn’t afford a tablet yet (I mean, I could afford it but I don’t have enough reason to buy one yet). I did some digital arts and colorings and happily posted them up on the site. Later, I had a color printer with scanner. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was also a fanatic anime fans who liked to save beautiful pictures found on the web and asked my sister to print them, in copies. So, this printer has been almost 3 years old. I have never print out any anime pictures nor scan any of my drawings. In fact, I rarely post nor draw something proper for years.

I encountered a page on just a while ago. Well, sorry. The drawings sucks. The Deviant (an artist in the community) has joined the site for only 2 years and the pageview is about 20k. While mine, 9 years with only 35k views. In fact, this is not my first encounter. I have seen many Deviants who draw simple and children-like drawing but received more views and likes than my most popular drawing. This raises a question in me. Are my drawings worse than hers? If not, what’s wrong? Yes, there is something wrong, but it’s in me. It’s about the hardwork and connection. Detaching from the community for years and you expect people to recognize you? Nah. Not putting in any more effort or show any improvement since 9 years ago and expecting people to praise you? Nah. Not giving people feedback and expecting people to give you their feedback? Nah. This world is about give and take. Well there are artists who are extremely good and their artworks receive recognition without them giving as much feedback to the community. But this goes back to the hardwork. They posted their work from time to time, with better artwork each time. If they don’t, the feedback will certainly die down someday too. While those who are not as talented and yet receiving a good amount of positive feedback, it’s about them reaching out to the community and people are returning the favour to encourage such positive cycle.

So why am I only receiving 35k of pageviews? Back to those 2 points: I’m not putting in enough effort and I’m not sociable. I don’t draw diligently and I don’t improve. Even if I really have the potential in arts, if I don’t work on it, nothing big is going to happen. I don’t improve in the sense that I don’t actively seeking new skills nor learning to use new tools. Meh. Second, I don’t actively participate in the community. I don’t make myself known to others, why do you think people could find my page and give me a “Fave” (it’s like a “Like” on Facebook)?

In life (in real life I mean, not just an online community), the rules apply. Remain silent and no one will notice you. Remain lazy and normal as ever, no one will ever recognize you. Unless you work hard enough to prove yourself; unless you actively engaging people around you and spread your connection, nobody knows whom you could be. Not even yourself.

Okay, here’s my site and I will get my pageview up and my website ranking up again! (but sometimes there are difficult circumstances that you can’t avoid. 😦 oh well.)

Enrichment Issues

I spent nearly 20 years of my life doing things that I am asked and expected to do. I learned things that I am supposed to learn, which everyone around me expected me to learn. I was (am) living in a socially engineered world. I was expected to do well in my academic. The system of meritocracy has confined my full potential instead of unleashing it.

I have never (or little known to have) study something for the sake of learning something new. Perhaps, I forgot that I actually did that when I was younger. When I was hungry for knowledge, when I was curious about the world, when I knew I would be happy to learn new things.

I am trying so hard to be back to that period of time, to that kind of mindset which would constantly keep me in the mood of learning. But here am I in a university, feeling inadequate in every field, unable to find time to improve on things that I WANT TO. I failed to enrich myself with my passions. There are times when I don’t even know what I can be in the future, nor what I am good at. My time is occupied by things and curriculum planned for me. No one compensates my 20+ years and yet My parents and I are paying for the loss of my precious time.

Perhaps that is why those successful entrepreneurs and geniuses are drop-outs from school. Of course, drop-out does not guarantee you a successful life.

But since I have already paid the bill, I shall continue this journey for 3 more months. I still have to study for my quiz tomorrow. Make full use out of those plans to minimize the loss for myself.

Life of a puppet. How sad.





I don’t usually talk much and when I do, I talk quite a lot.

Sometimes when I got worn out by work or project, I either get very excited to talk or I can’t think of anything to talk about at all.

When talking to senior or a group of people, I would rather be a listener. It’s a kind of respect but it seems to the cause of been labelled as “quiet and shy”.

… (I literally can’t think of what to write now, things slipped off my mind)


其实有时候,我真的只是想分享好处,而不是需要利用他人。我当然有选择,但是我想到谁就问谁。我觉得谁值得,我就给谁。 不需要太在意。