Have you ever thought about #IoT and how scary it can be

Hey there, I am back on WordPress! Oh yes, I am random-inspiration driven and always let my thoughts wander around self-found #mindblown ” findings! So there are a few key timings when I tend to get such findings: when I am bathing, when I am walking to mrt, and when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Done with self-introduction (in case you didnt know me well), I am going to share with you a question to ponder and keep you awake tonight!

As you know, Internet of Things (IoT) is getting more and more powerful and everything in our daily lives wants to be part of it – our homes, security, health, food?, connection, …. IoT knows everything about you.

Next, look at online advertisement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even any normal websites. The moment you search for “fashion design course”, all you see are fashion design courses advertisement, for DAYS until you click on it and be convinced to sign up for it.

So there will be one day, when you walk on the street, you see a media board. You see the thing you are looking for the day before… then you walk pass… then you decide to turn around to have a second look… someone else is looking at the board and it is showing some other things. The person leaves and here comes you to the board. Just you staring at the board. It starts showing the thing on your mind…

The fact is there is no magic. There is a smart cctv near the board and it identifies you from your Facebook profile, it sends your data to the whatsoever search engine and it finds out you were looking for that something the day before… then it finds the right advertisers to show the right thing at the right time to the right person having the most needs to look for something! #algorithm

Pufff. Powerful utilization of IoT plus intensive drilling-into-your-brain kind of marketing. #mindblown


This is how I am feeling right now. And I will hide in my blanket tonight to get some sleep. Hey Google, stop peeping at me!



HAHAHA today is a good day to try all those crazy stuffs. But it was a super normal day: woke up late because I was so immersed in a dream, studied my comp security (slow as ever), checked my whatsapp and knight still sleeping, ate cereal with milk for lunch, write some blogs for FYP, cleared MIT’s course exercises for this week, checked whatsapp and knight still sleeping, called knight and he’s still sleeping, wrote an email to knight to blackmail him, did some figurobics (pls, for like 10 minutes?), continue MIT course, finally knight woke up, nagged like an old mother, then went dinner.

I tried the new stall in the canteen – what a nice BBQ fried chicken leg with rice. Satisfied? No, i decided to reward myself with a can of coke after I returned hall. And guess what? I found a packet of MacDonald’s salt in my cupboard. Well, they said salt with coke cools down the body. So I opened up the can, drink a sip and pour in the salt.


To my amaze, my rootbeer fantasy came true, non stop. Volcanic eruption. I stared at the phenomenon blankly. The foam, bubbles and gas are everywhere on my desk. My first reaction is to sip using the straw as hard as possible. CHEERS! Then the coke started dripping down the desk and all i could do is to use my hand to stop it. =.=

Oh well, obviously that didn’t help much. So I end up mopping the floor with coke…. CHEERS!

I text knight and all he could do is laughing non-stop.