Why Gen-Y is in Crisis

Generation Y or the Gen-Y refers to the generation of people born during the 1980s and early 1990s -> And that’s me included!

While many always perceive that Gen-Y kids are rebellious, Gen-Y employees are hard to manage; we as Gen-Y think that we are proud to be the trouble-causing Gen-Y!

And now, we are in deep trouble, no doubt.

Firstly, we are no where more experienced or superior than the baby boomers nor the Gen-X. Either they manage us or they fund us in our start-ups. We are still learning from and leaning on them.

Then, here comes the Gen-Z, those born during late 1990s and early 2010s. They are literally born with iPads and stuff – they are called the digital natives. Technology industry booms with them, including the spectacles industry I presume. They are growing up faster than we thought. The Gen-X feed them and educate them well, too well.

They are better looking (or is it the camera that is getting better?), they are smarter, they act faster, and they are more competitive than us, the Gen-Y. They are probably seen as the “strawberry generation 草莓族 ” but, prickly. They possess a new set of challenge for us. Don’t you ever wonder why the Gen-Z girls are getting taller and better in shape? All of their selfies are prettier and almost flawless? Most of them get a Gen-Y boyfriend?! Even their babies are born ahead of ours! I’m not complaining but hey, did anyone else notice that?

The point is, if the Gen-Y still live in their arrogance shade, thinking that this is their era, soon they are going to be thrown out by the Gen-Z. This is no longer an era about linear hierarchy or generation superiority.


Gosh, I’m going to sleep first and worry tomorrow. Gen-Y.


Strange Things about Gen Y

Besides having a peculiar way of thinking and seeing things, Gen Y is kind of sensitive too.

They like to be given responsibilities and they get motivated when you have high trust in them completing their tasks. But when you start to take away their “beloved” responsibilities from them, that’s when their pride get torn and they start to seek new challenges else where.

They will feel incompetent at first, then they will somehow be able to recover the motivation and start afresh, doing new things that they like.

They are quite individualistic for their own achievement, yet they like to collaborate and help others whom they think worth sharing. They learn fast from seniors, observing their behaviors  and results, then decide to keep or to avoid those kind of behaviors.

Gen Y are competitive against their peers. While they won’t try to kill each other, they want to be better. Thus, they always seek a new arena which could train them better.

This is Gen Y workforce. They are not as hard to manage as you think. They are not unreasonable nor demanding. They are just being cultivated that way to face the challenges of globalization and management of baby boomers and Gen X.


他们说时间是最好的治疗师 – 能够治好所有的伤痛,能够冲淡所有的回忆,能够让一切化为无。vintage clock
他们说有时候感情宛如泡沫,在那最艳丽的时刻就会消失了。Bubbles flying at the beach
他们说有时候爱情像流沙, 一不小心就会陷下去,越挣扎就越陷越深。

My Ideal Job

My ideal job would be one that requires me to walk around frequently, greeting everyone as I walk pass, and having as much human interaction as possible. I like my time alone too, working on my own work and development, generating ideas and do planning. But I do like discussing with people, sharing ideas, and listening to other people.

My current job is somewhat 75% like that, and therefore I like how it is now and I can improve on it.


How often do you find yourself buying things that are overpriced and overrated, yet you want to (have to) buy it? That’s how inflation takes place so efficiently. Whether you like it or not, prices are raised, and customer pools remain. Some may boycott for a while but most give in eventually. Items and places targeted at tourists are worse. It’s either you buy them at high price or leave with empty hands and regrets when you are back home.

Oh well, kings will always live like a king, and peasants will get poorer. :/

Consumers, let’s unite! 😡

Writing again

I am aiming to spend one minute per day (weekdays only!) to write anything that comes into my mind. The best timing to write them would be after lunch. It is when i would come back to office with a full stomach and sit down lazily in front of my laptop. I used to like to write short random stories (with some drawings of the characters). Thus, I am going to pick up where I left off a few years back.

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