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Hello Brainwave

Many years ago, capturing brainwave and reading people’s mind have been a sci-fi thing. They call it a psychic power or something. Some even use it to control other people’s mind. People wants to have the power of doing so and yet little people actually believe in it.

I have always wanted such power – not to do evil deeds, but just to be able to transmit my brain signal to external processor. Then, I need external hard disk storage too. I do not think it is not possible, considering that the computer is able to at least show some spikes based on the brainwave. This is really something I want to research and study in depth into!

My first ever idea to use such power is to turn my thoughts into real image and videos. I am not good in conveying my thoughts into words nor drawings but certainly confident in imagining a detailed picture or scene. Perhaps I may spend hours laying dead, “drawing” a small image on the computer screen using my brain wave! Slowly, I can make my own blockbuster movies without hiring any crew and actor. Haha! #braindead

While wireless communication has been made possible, why can’t brain wave been transmitted wirelessly? May be we can attach a small chip externally on our forehead which acts as a transceiver (or may be just a transmitter for a start), and start sending commands to our computer or home automation controller. May be we can communicate with each other without any electronic devices apart from that small transceiver on our forehead!

However, security has always been an issue for almost every technology invented in the world. How do you ensure that no one hacks into your brain? How do you ensure people will not misuse the technology to do evil deeds such as controlling people mind or system?

I don’t foresee myself doing research in this field anytime soon but I am sure this technology will surface some years later. How cool huh.

I want to “step one foot” into this. Definitely.

#mydream #moviedirector #scientist #brainwave #inventor


Today I attended my first lesson on Human Resource Management. I always heard from my peers and seniors that it is a scary module for the engineers because it requires a lot of efforts to do reading, analysis, presentation, and finally study for a final examination.

However in my opinion, a loser loses because he admits failure from the start. If one could have a mindset of succeeding, i believe, nothing could be an obstacle to him. It comes with a lot of determinations and confidence.

It’s all about one’s mindset.  🙂

I came across this term of “self-actualization” just now and I think it is something that I should learn to achieve in life ( but most of all, I should still build my relationship with God 😉 ).

So here’s my understanding to “self-actualization”. It refers to how a person live his/her life to the fullest by maximizing his/her potentials and use them in a creative manner.

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia on the characteristics of a self-actualizer.

  • Efficient perceptions of reality. Self-actualizers are able to judge situations correctly and honestly. They are very sensitive to the fake and dishonest, and are free to see reality ‘as it is’. – learning to be less blur!
  • Comfortable acceptance of self, others, nature. Self-actualizers accept their own human nature with all its flaws. The shortcomings of others and the contradictions of the human condition are accepted with humor and tolerance. – learning to tolerate myself and others.
  • Spontaneity. Maslow’s subjects extended their creativity into everyday activities. Actualizers tend to be unusually alive, engaged, and spontaneous. – learning to be spontaneous and more energetic.
  • Task centering. Most of Maslow’s subjects had a mission to fulfill in life or some task or problem ‘beyond’ themselves (instead of outside of themselves) to pursue. Humanitarians such as Albert Schweitzer and Mother Teresa are considered to have possessed this quality. – learning to focus on my tasks and complete them.
  • Autonomy. Self-actualizers are free from reliance on external authorities or other people. They tend to be resourceful and independent. – learning to be more independent all the time!
  • Continued freshness of appreciation. The self-actualizer seems to constantly renew appreciation of life’s basic goods. A sunset or a flower will be experienced as intensely time after time as it was at first. There is an “innocence of vision”, like that of an artist or child. – learning to be appreciative to everything God has given me!
  • Fellowship with humanity. Maslow’s subjects felt a deep identification with others and the human situation in general. – learning to be more understanding.
  • Profound interpersonal relationships. The interpersonal relationships of self-actualizers are marked by deep loving bonds. – learning to love my neighbours and enemies (if there is any).
  • Comfort with solitude. Despite their satisfying relationships with others, self-actualizing persons value solitude and are comfortable being alone. – learning to treasure the feeling of “alone”. Actually I’m quite enjoying it…
  • Non-hostile sense of humor. This refers to the wonderful capacity to laugh at oneself. It also describes the kind of humor a man like Abraham Lincoln had. Lincoln probably never made a joke that hurt anybody. His wry comments were gentle proddings of human shortcomings. – learning to be more sensitive and tell only sensible jokes.
  • Peak experiences. All of Maslow’s subjects reported the frequent occurrence of peak experiences (temporary moments of self-actualization). These occasions were marked by feelings of ecstasy, harmony, and deep meaning. Self-actualizers reported feeling at one with the universe, stronger and calmer than ever before, filled with light, beautiful and good, and so forth. – heh, I often am overwhelm by these feelings!

In short, it is a whole new semester and last year of my University life. I have to change in order to go further and reach higher.

Raspberry Pi as a Reading Machine

I was thinking of this but can’t seem to find a relevant project else where.

Since Raspberry Pi has an audio jack, and a lot of people are using it to play HD movies and musics, i presume it wouldn’t be a problem to read out some documents or texts.

Perhaps, I can have a web app that gets input from users (guardian, teacher, friend, whoever that can access your web app) and when they click a submit button, the message will be stored and played by Raspberry Pi. May be it can be used to read a document as well.

This is particularly useful for the lonely elderly at home. These old folks having poor eyesight, can use it to read newspaper or books. Teachers can send broadcast announcement to their students by sending some texts. A working adult can use it  as a reminder system. A housewife can use it to read out recipes while cooking.

And etc.  😉

Interested to start a project with me? Leave me a message!


Links for KIV:

4D System – cooking timer

Sunrise/sunset timer

Hello web2py

I have been lazying out on Raspberry Pi recently. Stuck at getting the web app on web2py to open the port at ttyAMA0. However it works fine on CherryPy.

Why. Why. Why.

Would it be better to just focus on CherryPy? :/ but i think Web2Py is newer and probably better and easier!
That is if and only if i am determined enough to finish reading (and digesting) through the 583 pages web2py manual. But it is so tiring to read it through the screen and time-wasting to study during working hours. If only i have an iPad or something.

Wait, did i just think of the Amazon Kindle or something? Haha, right. I should do something meaningful in the train while on my way to work, rather than sleeping. How about knitting? (That’s too outstanding. You probably wouldn’t want the whole pack of Sardine (we call the commuters that) to stare at you and start guessing your age.)

Not sure if it is a good idea to learn web2py and cherrypy concurrently. just hope that Mr Massimo can solve my problems soon.

Websites KIV:
Your first CherryPy application

CherryPy Tutorial

The CherryPy Documentation

Work related stuffs to do tomorrow:
– testing Z-wave responses (forgot to do it today!!!)

Understood  some Z-Wave problems today.

Other stuffs to do tonight:
– unofficial strategy planning with new team
– reply business emails

– revamp website too.


Thank God it’s Friday!!

Before I’m leaving my work for a weekend, let me note down a to-do list for next week:

1. Web2Py issue – different user mode disallow the web application to access and open the port
Refer here  and here  to learn how to change the user mode / add user.

2. Web App – design the web layout and user stories

3. jQuery – study it from

Get my project reports done, email some business partners-to-be, start a new Facebook page, tidy up my websites and Facebook page. Much things to do :/

And watch some AWESOME Korean Drama – Rooftop Prince. I rated it 5 stars. Yay! 😀 Everyone, watch it! I shall write about it some time 😉

Beautiful Blue Lamp made from recycled bottles

Beautiful Blue Lamp made from recycled bottles

I wanna make this when i’m free!!