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Have you ever thought about #IoT and how scary it can be

Hey there, I am back on WordPress! Oh yes, I am random-inspiration driven and always let my thoughts wander around self-found #mindblown ” findings! So there are a few key timings when I tend to get such findings: when I am bathing, when I am walking to mrt, and when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Done with self-introduction (in case you didnt know me well), I am going to share with you a question to ponder and keep you awake tonight!

As you know, Internet of Things (IoT) is getting more and more powerful and everything in our daily lives wants to be part of it – our homes, security, health, food?, connection, …. IoT knows everything about you.

Next, look at online advertisement on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even any normal websites. The moment you search for “fashion design course”, all you see are fashion design courses advertisement, for DAYS until you click on it and be convinced to sign up for it.

So there will be one day, when you walk on the street, you see a media board. You see the thing you are looking for the day before… then you walk pass… then you decide to turn around to have a second look… someone else is looking at the board and it is showing some other things. The person leaves and here comes you to the board. Just you staring at the board. It starts showing the thing on your mind…

The fact is there is no magic. There is a smart cctv near the board and it identifies you from your Facebook profile, it sends your data to the whatsoever search engine and it finds out you were looking for that something the day before… then it finds the right advertisers to show the right thing at the right time to the right person having the most needs to look for something! #algorithm

Pufff. Powerful utilization of IoT plus intensive drilling-into-your-brain kind of marketing. #mindblown


This is how I am feeling right now. And I will hide in my blanket tonight to get some sleep. Hey Google, stop peeping at me!


Urgh those bubbles

The trick to perfect screen protector pasting?

Dont ever use the wipe cloth that usually comes with the screen protector. The more you wipe it on your new screen, the more dust particles you get.

Just remove the original off-factory screen protector, (dont blow the screen please), and paste your own screen protector instantly! Do it in a clean, closed room.

P/s: yay, finally installed wordpress on my mobile! Mobile does replace PC, dont you think?


Bubbles.... T.T stupid wipe cloth cheat my feeling.

Air Filter

We all need a mini air filter stuck into our nose to solve the second-hand smoke problem! 😑 It won’t be obvious to people around you and yet you can breathe easily at anywhere.

Anyway, I saw a banner advertisement about a cigarette brand and at the bottom of the banner, it writes: “Reminder: Smoking Kills”. I can never understand all these advertisements and the efforts that the government is trying to put into stopping her people from smoking. In fact, I don’t understand why do people smoke when they know it’s obviously harmful?

I had a new horror movie idea this morning! >:) A horror movie about the encounters of some smokers…which actually resulted from a hallucination drug in the cigar. It would be great if it’s real. :/ Meh.

On the positive note, my patience has grew over the years.

Mini Paper Recycling Station

I wrongly printed an A3 document on 6 A3 papers again! It is such a waste that I wish to either prevent it from happening again or amend the situation – fix the waste.

So that reminds me of an idea that I had many years back – a mini paper recycling station that can be installed in all companies. All waste papers can be fed into the recycling machine every morning and new papers can be produced at the end of the day. The process can be ran one a week or month in order to save energy resources. Imagine how companies are there in the world. Everyone needs new ideas to save trees right?

I think I had this idea when I was introduced to paper recycling process during my primary school. I would tear the calendar (the one with Chinese festives, daily feng shui do and donts, etc) into small pieces, soak them in the water for days, with or without bleach. Then I will take out the paper pulp and roll it in between thick old towels. Finally I will dry the “newly recycled paper” under the sun.

Ahah! I can still do that for crafts purpose now!! πŸ˜€ But using an oven to bake the pulp would be good.

Hello Brainwave

Many years ago, capturing brainwave and reading people’s mind have been a sci-fi thing. They call it a psychic power or something. Some even use it to control other people’s mind. People wants to have the power of doing so and yet little people actually believe in it.

I have always wanted such power – not to do evil deeds, but just to be able to transmit my brain signal to external processor. Then, I need external hard disk storage too. I do not think it is not possible, considering that the computer is able to at least show some spikes based on the brainwave. This is really something I want to research and study in depth into!

My first ever idea to use such power is to turn my thoughts into real image and videos. I am not good in conveying my thoughts into words nor drawings but certainly confident in imagining a detailed picture or scene. Perhaps I may spend hours laying dead, “drawing” a small image on the computer screen using my brain wave! Slowly, I can make my own blockbuster movies without hiring any crew and actor. Haha! #braindead

While wireless communication has been made possible, why can’t brain wave been transmitted wirelessly? May be we can attach a small chip externally on our forehead which acts as a transceiver (or may be just a transmitter for a start), and start sending commands to our computer or home automation controller. May be we can communicate with each other without any electronic devices apart from that small transceiver on our forehead!

However, security has always been an issue for almost every technology invented in the world. How do you ensure that no one hacks into your brain? How do you ensure people will not misuse the technology to do evil deeds such as controlling people mind or system?

I don’t foresee myself doing research in this field anytime soon but I am sure this technology will surface some years later. How cool huh.

I want to “step one foot” into this. Definitely.

#mydream #moviedirector #scientist #brainwave #inventor

DM2009 Progress (Week 7)

The recess week is here! i have no lab session before the class and so Wen Yang and I went to the Performance and Interaction class earlier. I guess we were a bit too early as the door was still locked. So we headed over to the library. It has been my favourite place ever since I first stepped into it 2 months ago. Haha.

The second time we went to the class, the door is still locked. But thankfully a staff walked pass and granted us access. Surprisingly Mr. Dirk was already inside, with some other students as well. Oh uhh and I don’t like being late again :((

I went on to proceed with my project idea by downloading some music sample files from here.Β  I constructed a Max project based on some of the tutorials, which allows the user to play a musical note when a key on the keyboard is pressed. Sorry that I still couldn’t figure out how to perform printscreen on Mac. I know it is Command+Shift+3 but where is the file? I tried to paste it in Adobe photoshop’s new file but it doesn’t seem to work like Window’s printscreen which have to be pasted somewhere. Anyway, I use the function “key” to get the pressed keyboard value then “split” it from 48 to 59 (in ASCII) so as to just extract (detect) numerical value 1 to 9. Then i set up a “cue” function and used a music file player to “open” the first music note and “preload” key 2 to 9 with 8 other music files.

My first intention is to have different preload files such as piano, guitar, cello, and saxophone. Then using some sort of color detection function to get the colour of the shirt that the user is wearing. Different colours will open and preload different files and so when that user presses on the keyboard, the music being played will be different. I tried to use the “jit.findbound” function and colour lookup table but I couldn’t seem to make it work. 😦

At last, I changed the idea to something simpler. If the surrounding noise level is high, preload a set of louder music; if it is more quiet, preload softer music. Hmm, i guess the noise level fluctuated too frequently and the preloading process could be too intense for Mac to handle that it hung for several times.

Mr. Dirk gave me a better idea after that. So instead of just preload the music, I use a counter to count the number of times that the noise level exceeds a certain dB. It was quite fun to hear the music being played in a funny way according to the noise level but i think the choice of the music notes plays an important role now. In the end, i gave it 2 options. If the noise level is more than -30dB, it plays a music note according to the counter. If it is not, a user can play the notes using the keyboard (9 keys).

Improvement that can be done: Instead of just 9 musical samples, i could include more (but smaller file size) music samples. To make it more interactive, I can install some sensors at the pathway so if a person walk pass, it counts “1” and plays the first music sample. Then followed by the second person who walks pass, it will play the second samples and so on. This is actually very similar to my very very first few ideas after my first DM2009 lesson! πŸ˜€

  1. Install at least 2 sensors at a certain distance apart(e.g. 2 meter). When a person walks pass the first sensor, it triggers a timer. When the second sensor is triggered, the timer is stopped. If the time, let say, is less than 3 seconds, it means the person is walking very fast or nervous. So a more soothing and relax music is played along the walkway. The intention is to calm down the person. Same wise, if the time taken is more, an energetic music is played because the assumption is that the person is feeling depressed or dispirited. So a lively and faster music can cheer the person up.
  2. Different sensors are attached at different corner in the room. When each of them is triggered, a musical note will be played. So the more people in the room, the merrier! Everyone can just walk or run around the room, triggering different sensors and thus different musics can be performed.

HAHAHA, this actually ignites my passion for engineering again! πŸ˜€


Performance and Interaction Ideas

This week we have to generate some ideas to be implemented in our project next week. The requirements for the ideas are that it has to be interactive, a performance, workable, and creative. We tried some interactive examples such as object tracking and play music according to the movement of the tracked object.

Some of my initial ideas were:

  1. When a certain key sequence is pressed, a music note / message is played. I tried this last week but it did not work quite well.
  2. To refine the idea above, I will assign some music notes to a set of keys on the keyboard. In addition to that, using webcam to detect the colour of shirt that the person is wearing, the music notes being played will be different. For example, when a person wearing red presses the keyboard, the music played will be of that of a piano. If another person with blue shirt is playing the keyboard, the music will be of that of a cello.
  3. With that, I had another idea of setting up a space with different colour panels. When a person walks around in that space with a webcam, it will detect the colors of the panel and different music/sound will be played.
  4. As i have not figure out how to recognize the colours, I may want to just stick to a particular colour so that only those wearing a certain colour can play the musical keyboard.

Next week, I will try out either idea 2 or 4.

Raspberry Pi as a Reading Machine

I was thinking of this but can’t seem to find a relevant project else where.

Since Raspberry Pi has an audio jack, and a lot of people are using it to play HD movies and musics, i presume it wouldn’t be a problem to read out some documents or texts.

Perhaps, I can have a web app that gets input from users (guardian, teacher, friend, whoever that can access your web app) and when they click a submit button, the message will be stored and played by Raspberry Pi. May be it can be used to read a document as well.

This is particularly useful for the lonely elderly at home. These old folks having poor eyesight, can use it to read newspaper or books. Teachers can send broadcast announcement to their students by sending some texts. A working adult can use itΒ  as a reminder system. A housewife can use it to read out recipes while cooking.

And etc.Β  πŸ˜‰

Interested to start a project with me? Leave me a message!


Links for KIV:

4D System – cooking timer


Sunrise/sunset timer


Smartphone as Pure Tablet plugin module?

I am fortunate to know one of my friends, who is kind enough to lend me his Surface Pro for 2 weeks!
I totally love this new Windows laptop-tablet! More importantly, my friend has installed 3 superb softwares in it : Adobe Photoshop CS6, Sketchbook Pro, Manga Studio. Among the three, I’m truly amazed by how Manga Studio could make my dreams come true. I have created some nice drawings using it. πŸ˜€ (let me post them up here soon πŸ˜‰ )

Anyway, I have to return it to him soon, like real soon and I couldn’t get enough of it. 😦 I have no intention in buying a Surface Pro yet and definitely won’t buy a Wacom tablet anymore. Perhaps, waiting for a better and newer (and stabilized) version of Surface Pro. The only alternative to free hand drawing would now be my smartphone (HTC One). I’ve installed Sketchbook Mobile in it and (it’s comparably amazing :p ).

So, I was wondering if there is an app or software that could connect my smartphone to my window based laptop (my almost 4 year-old Toshi-kun!) and I could use it as a tablet (like a wacom) to draw stuffs in my laptop’s photoshop, Sketchbook Pro or MANGA STUDIO!

I really hope that I am a genius to invent this. And I wonder if it is safe to post all my random ideas here! :s


Feel free to talk to me if you like any of my ideas. May be we can turn them into reality πŸ˜‰

Things to do with Raspberry Pi!

  1. Time-lapse Star-gazing photography
    Set up telescope and tape the camera module to the lens. take photo every 10 seconds and make them into a video.
    Things i need: camera module and this reference link.
    And convince my professor to lend me his telescope? :s
  2. My Raspberrian Diary
    A not so small tablet with raspberry pi hidden beneath a small-sized screen.
    A nice web app that allows me to store “things to do” or diary in my raspberry pi. or post it somewhere in skydrive or dropbox?A very vintage Note App indeed. ==
    who bother about it when everyone is using smartphone’s note app everywhere! geez.
  3. Fake barking system
    When people walking by my gate at night, the sensor will sense the person and a mini speaker will give out a dog barking sound. πŸ˜€
    Wooof!! grrrrrrrr~!!!
    Also, it will have a sets of sound so that it will not be the same all the time. :p May be during vacation mode!