Month: August 2018

Why I can’t access iPhone photos anymore? How to fix it?

Every time I connect my iPhone 7Plus to my Windows laptop through a USB cable, I will be prompted on my phone if to “trust this device”. Once I clicked “allow”, I was able to access all my photos in my iPhone through my laptop.

However, ever since I installed iTunes, I realized I can only transfer photos from my laptop to my iPhone but I can’t do otherwise. The only way to transfer the photos from my iPhone to my laptop is through the Windows Photo App, which can import the photos automatically.

It was able to import quite smoothly, though slowly until 30 mins or so. The photo app suddenly popped up a notification that there is an error and it could not continue to import the photos anymore.

  • I tried to disconnect my phone and connect again. It didn’t work.
  • I tried to restart my laptop, restart my phone, and connect again. It didn’t work.
  • Days later, I tried again. It didn’t work.

I tried to google for solutions but I couldn’t find a solution exactly. But here’s a combination of two things I did and I was able to access my photos from the Apple device folder directly again!

First, disallow the Photo app from importing the photos from your iPhone.

  1. Go to Control Panel. Search for AutoPlay.
  2. Change the setting for Apple iPhone device.
Control Panel Auto Play Apple iPhone

Second, uninstall iTunes.

And almost immediately, your iPhone will break the curse and prompt you whether to trust your laptop again! Click allow and you can access all your photos easily again! 😀