Month: June 2015


True love lasts forever. Today she read the love letters he wrote to her 40 years ago. Once more, she falls in love with him.

Things may have changed over the years. Circumstances were harsh. People judged her. But their love were strong. Love may have faded when it became kinship. But she never leaves him. He never runs away. He bears all responsibilities. She is always there for him.

They never tell each other their love ever since that day. He chose his responsibility over her. She was disappointed. He knew. He kept quiet all the time. She was heart-broken. He felt helpless.

Years later. Once again, he had to fulfill his responsibilities. She said nothing but “take care” and a assured hug.

That’s unspoken love. Deep in the heart, they are connected, unbreakable, inseparable.

It is love that brings back memories. It is love that makes her cry. It is love that makes her stay. It is love that let her persist.

It was her choice 40 years ago. It is his love until today and forever.

Note: Always wanted to make this story into a film!!