Month: December 2014

Thumbs up to the Customer Service!

I have recently encountered two cases whereby money was charged unreasonably. I lodged complaints and were very satisfied with the customer services and actions that I received. In this digitized era, customer is not the king but customer with social media is the king. Retails and service providers understand the power of social media and the threats that it can bring upon their business. Therefore, they ensure that customer relation officers and complaints handlers take cautious steps and actions that will make customers happy and satisfied. Well, being satisfied is often not enough as these are the passive customers. What they want is “Promoter”, customers who are satisfied and happy with their services and promote to tell their friends and the whole world! Like me! Haha, I think it’s worthwhile writing this post to share the experience I had with these 2 service providers since they make me happy! ;D Yes, I do it for free and I can always complain for free too. I have always wanted to create a blog or platform for customer advocates but nahhhh, no time to make it big yet.

Raffles Medical

So, I was sick a few weeks ago and I decided to go to the nearest clinic – Raffles Medical. Well, on the plastic bag, it writes 24/7 but be reminded that’s not the case for all clinics.

It was my first time there. I rarely visit the doctor when I’m sick but I need an MC this time round. The consultation was fast as usual, same for all clinics so far. The doctor prescribed me 5 types of medicines which include paracetamol, cough syrup, lozenges, throat swelling pills, runny blocked nose pills. To be honest, my condition wasn’t that serious. Then I proceeded to the payment counter. I was charged a certain amount. (Whut?! No way I’m gonna fall sick again!) I asked for corporate discount and hey, to my delight, there is 5% discount! While happily thinking how good my company is, to my utter surprise, the final bill is 14% more than the initial amount! I questioned the cashier, she can’t do anything about it. She said calling to the finance team to alter the bill to the previous one (before discount) will be too troublesome. I was not happy at all!

So I walked home, ate my medicine, and send them a Facebook message. I think I am being kind for not posting on their Facebook wall. Haha. Anyway, the admin replied me the next day asking for my IC and phone number so that they can look into the case. A few days later, someone from Raffles Medical HQ called me and told me that they are looking into this matter and it seemed that their system was having an error back then. She asked me to give them a few days to analyse the problem further and will get back to me as soon as possible. Well done. Calm tone, assuring words, that’s customer complaints handling technique.

A few days later, she called me again and informed me that that was indeed a system error that they did not issue me a corporate discount. Then she asked me to collect the good-will cash reimbursement for the discount from the clinic I visited anytime. 😀

I am therefore a happy, satisfied customer.

Last night I received a call from an old friend. We worked on a common web project 2 years ago (from 2012 to 2013). We created a website on and purchased a premium plan package. That costed us 74.5 USD (50% discount) and we used her card to make payment. After the end of the project, we decided to discontinue the website and agreed to change the payment method from her card details to my sister’s card details.

We thought it is all settled. We didn’t check the email, we didn’t login to the Wix website anymore.

But she was charged 149 USD on 20th December, as a recurring payment for yearly premium plan. We were surprised. Her card provider is unable to cancel the transaction and we don’t really have much hope that Wix will actually respond to us.

But they did. Faster than what I could imagine.

I sent them an email last night, saying that we did not intend to purchase the premium plan and demand a refund. (Opps, now I feel bad for sounding quite demanding in my email) There is a support function on the site where we could schedule a call. I tried my luck. I scheduled a call for today, 6AM to 7AM Singapore time, and gone to bed. I prayed hard that this could be solved.

The next morning (today), 6AM, I did not get any call. I was slightly disappointed but did not lose hope as I can still call their direct line later. Then at 7AM, I received a call from Wix! It was an automated call and I have to wait a while for an available operator to attend to me. The timing is just nice, my laptop is up and Gabriella (sorry if I spell your name wrongly) talked to me.

She listened attentively and when I said, “umm….I wonder if we can get a refund?” She replied affirmatively, “Yes sure!”. I could see snow of happiness and relief falling upon me. She then asked for my Wix account email. She performed a check and told me that a refund has already been issued to me on 30th December. O_O Huh? She put me on hold and did a confirmation with her supervisor. She came back to me saying that the plan has been cancelled and a refund has been made. My friend should be able to receive the amount back within 7 to 10 working days. What a relief!

Thank God!

Thanks Wix team too! Now I believe that their customer support is really something! 😉

Happy New Year!




我們說好不分離 要一直一直在一起
就算與時間為敵 就算與全世界背離



你曾說過不分離 要一直一直在一起
現在我想問問你 是否只是童言無忌

天真歲月不忍欺 青春荒唐我不負你
大雪求你別抹去 我們在一起的痕跡
大雪也無法抹去 我們給彼此的印記

今夕何夕 青草離離
等來年 秋風起

May be

People say that things sometimes happen for a reason.
Perhaps like what I learned since young, God has everything planned from the start. Sometimes, there are choices to be made but anyhow if you leave it to Him, He will put things back onto the right track.
Some people say, words not meant to be spoken – it’s better to keep them till death. Things don’t go as you wanted, better to let them be.

Let it go.
To love and to be loved.
Those two things are described as the most precious feelings, greatest things on Earth. But if you are loved by the 2 person whom you love? Then you are guilty.

Love is a verb. Then it becomes a noun. But if you stop loving, the love fades.

Let it fade.

Not sure if this is the right song to represent how I feel right now but yeah, this nice song keeps swirling in my head.