Month: August 2014

Finance headache

What everyone need is a personal financial planner, independent from any bank or insurance/investment company, to tell you which bank has the best interest rate and with the best credit card offer. All in your best interest.


Air Filter

We all need a mini air filter stuck into our nose to solve the second-hand smoke problem! 😡 It won’t be obvious to people around you and yet you can breathe easily at anywhere.

Anyway, I saw a banner advertisement about a cigarette brand and at the bottom of the banner, it writes: “Reminder: Smoking Kills”. I can never understand all these advertisements and the efforts that the government is trying to put into stopping her people from smoking. In fact, I don’t understand why do people smoke when they know it’s obviously harmful?

I had a new horror movie idea this morning! >:) A horror movie about the encounters of some smokers…which actually resulted from a hallucination drug in the cigar. It would be great if it’s real. :/ Meh.

On the positive note, my patience has grew over the years.

Mini Paper Recycling Station

I wrongly printed an A3 document on 6 A3 papers again! It is such a waste that I wish to either prevent it from happening again or amend the situation – fix the waste.

So that reminds me of an idea that I had many years back – a mini paper recycling station that can be installed in all companies. All waste papers can be fed into the recycling machine every morning and new papers can be produced at the end of the day. The process can be ran one a week or month in order to save energy resources. Imagine how companies are there in the world. Everyone needs new ideas to save trees right?

I think I had this idea when I was introduced to paper recycling process during my primary school. I would tear the calendar (the one with Chinese festives, daily feng shui do and donts, etc) into small pieces, soak them in the water for days, with or without bleach. Then I will take out the paper pulp and roll it in between thick old towels. Finally I will dry the “newly recycled paper” under the sun.

Ahah! I can still do that for crafts purpose now!! 😀 But using an oven to bake the pulp would be good.


How often do you find yourself buying things that are overpriced and overrated, yet you want to (have to) buy it? That’s how inflation takes place so efficiently. Whether you like it or not, prices are raised, and customer pools remain. Some may boycott for a while but most give in eventually. Items and places targeted at tourists are worse. It’s either you buy them at high price or leave with empty hands and regrets when you are back home.

Oh well, kings will always live like a king, and peasants will get poorer. :/

Consumers, let’s unite! 😡