Month: July 2014

Writing again

I am aiming to spend one minute per day (weekdays only!) to write anything that comes into my mind. The best timing to write them would be after lunch. It is when i would come back to office with a full stomach and sit down lazily in front of my laptop. I used to like to write short random stories (with some drawings of the characters). Thus, I am going to pick up where I left off a few years back.

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Hello Brainwave

Many years ago, capturing brainwave and reading people’s mind have been a sci-fi thing. They call it a psychic power or something. Some even use it to control other people’s mind. People wants to have the power of doing so and yet little people actually believe in it.

I have always wanted such power – not to do evil deeds, but just to be able to transmit my brain signal to external processor. Then, I need external hard disk storage too. I do not think it is not possible, considering that the computer is able to at least show some spikes based on the brainwave. This is really something I want to research and study in depth into!

My first ever idea to use such power is to turn my thoughts into real image and videos. I am not good in conveying my thoughts into words nor drawings but certainly confident in imagining a detailed picture or scene. Perhaps I may spend hours laying dead, “drawing” a small image on the computer screen using my brain wave! Slowly, I can make my own blockbuster movies without hiring any crew and actor. Haha! #braindead

While wireless communication has been made possible, why can’t brain wave been transmitted wirelessly? May be we can attach a small chip externally on our forehead which acts as a transceiver (or may be just a transmitter for a start), and start sending commands to our computer or home automation controller. May be we can communicate with each other without any electronic devices apart from that small transceiver on our forehead!

However, security has always been an issue for almost every technology invented in the world. How do you ensure that no one hacks into your brain? How do you ensure people will not misuse the technology to do evil deeds such as controlling people mind or system?

I don’t foresee myself doing research in this field anytime soon but I am sure this technology will surface some years later. How cool huh.

I want to “step one foot” into this. Definitely.

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