How to set your Raspberry Pi Screen Resolution

Previously my monitor could not support HD display and it looks awful. So I decided to turn on the safe mode for HDMI. It’s a headache because the font size is big and everything on the page is big. Recently I was using the monitor in the lab and I finally thought of changing the setting. So here’s what I did.

1. Get the list of what’s supported by your monitor:

tvservice -d edid
edidparser edid

2. There are a few modes in the resulting list. Choose one that you want. (For me, i chose DMT (35) 1280x1024p)

3. Edit the config file:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Comment out safemode.

Find the section about HDMI, uncomment it and set the right group and mode from step 2. If your mode description contains “DMT”, the group should be 2, and if it contains “CEA”, it should be 1, so for me that was:

# Set monitor mode to DMT
# Set monitor resolution to 1280x1024p 60Hz

Exit the editor with CTRL+X, followed by Y.

4. Reboot:

sudo shutdown -r now


Raspberry Pi desktop screenshot

Raspberry Pi desktop screenshot



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