How to do Raspberry Pi Backup

It is really important to do back up to your SD card because anymore addition or configuration will cause your previous configuration state to disappear and you have to redo everything!

I am in the state where I am partly successful with my experiment but unhappy about the framework used. So it’s time to do a back up and modify the files in the card for my new experiment.

I thought I have written a post regarding this but it seems like I have not. So, just for my future reference, here are the steps to do the back up. It’s pretty simple.

  1. If you are using Window, download Win32 Disc Imager (win32diskimager-v0.9-binary) here.
  2. Unzip the file and open the “Win32DiskImager” application.
  3. To write a back up file to your laptop/ PC, select the location where you want the backup file to be by clicking the “open file” icon. WARNING: it is going to be the size of your SD card, e.g 8Gb for my case.
  4. Type in a name for your backup file. Check that everything is correct.
  5. Click Read.

It takes a while to complete. Once it is done, it will prompt you and “Done” will be written at the bottom left.



To write a backup file to your SD card, do the same thing. Select the back up file and right device, click Write. This will overwrite the SD card with the backup image.


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