Want and Don’t Want

I always think that being thoughtful is something sweet and the least thing one can do as a loving spouse. But I am a person who deeply in need of appreciation. I will stop doing something that is deemed unappreciated. I am being realistic and yet I would fantasize about how a blissful life should look like. I want a simple yet fruitful and meaningful life. I want someone who could keep my mind occupied with all his merit points so that I will love him even more every single day. I want to feel needed and yet I need a strong sense of security. I like being proud for who I am with. I like to be praised by the one who matters most. I want to be hugged like a little child, to be pampered like a princess, and to be loved like no one else.

I dislike broken promises. I dislike sweet-talks that keep me waiting and pondering. I dislike false hopes. I dislike distrust. I dislike waiting time. I dislike the breaking of hopes, the shattering of dreams. I dislike being ignored. I dislike insensitivity. I dislike rejection.


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