2013 in short

The year of 2013 is coming to an end tonight. It feels so long and yet I hope it stays a little while more.

I started off the year doing my Industrial Attachment (IA) and it was when I became ambitious. Then it died off in the middle of the year.

I completed my Minor in Entrepreneurship with lots of hurdles, but fun.

I had the most motivation and free time during my IA period. So my sis and I started Liu Lian Kia because I insisted. It started off fast and swift but it was halted towards the year end due to my school work load.

I didn’t get the grade I wanted for my IA but I lived on with it.

I met Mr Henry in May for the first time and I never thought that he would become someone I rely on so much right now.

I started my FYP and a blog here. It isn’t progressing too well.

I made a lot of mistakes this year and I hope that in the coming year, I could live my life like I should.

Happy New Year.


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