It’s weird that how three of us could become close friends who would meet up once in a while. I am not sure though. Perhaps it is just me who think we are close friends. But who cares, because I want to cherish this friendship.

I could never get angry with them (for long). I would be very delight when we are going to meet up for lunch or dinner. I am extremely happy to receive their texts and messages. I would listen eagerly and I behave like a little happy girl. 🙂

I like to think how we could open a gym or restaurant together. Well I do find many talents in them.

I feel very motivated when they wish me good luck or all the best. I like how we encourage each other.

I feel at ease when talking to them. I don’t have to put up a mask or think very long for things to say.

I like how they say I don’t have to pay for the food. Hahaha.

Somehow this friendship is quite unexpected. Although things may not be what I think, I will treasure it for as long as I live. 🙂


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