Month: December 2013

2013 in short

The year of 2013 is coming to an end tonight. It feels so long and yet I hope it stays a little while more.

I started off the year doing my Industrial Attachment (IA) and it was when I became ambitious. Then it died off in the middle of the year.

I completed my Minor in Entrepreneurship with lots of hurdles, but fun.

I had the most motivation and free time during my IA period. So my sis and I started Liu Lian Kia because I insisted. It started off fast and swift but it was halted towards the year end due to my school work load.

I didn’t get the grade I wanted for my IA but I lived on with it.

I met Mr Henry in May for the first time and I never thought that he would become someone I rely on so much right now.

I started my FYP and a blog here. It isn’t progressing too well.

I made a lot of mistakes this year and I hope that in the coming year, I could live my life like I should.

Happy New Year.


It’s weird that how three of us could become close friends who would meet up once in a while. I am not sure though. Perhaps it is just me who think we are close friends. But who cares, because I want to cherish this friendship.

I could never get angry with them (for long). I would be very delight when we are going to meet up for lunch or dinner. I am extremely happy to receive their texts and messages. I would listen eagerly and I behave like a little happy girl. 🙂

I like to think how we could open a gym or restaurant together. Well I do find many talents in them.

I feel very motivated when they wish me good luck or all the best. I like how we encourage each other.

I feel at ease when talking to them. I don’t have to put up a mask or think very long for things to say.

I like how they say I don’t have to pay for the food. Hahaha.

Somehow this friendship is quite unexpected. Although things may not be what I think, I will treasure it for as long as I live. 🙂

December Updates

Finally the semester has come to an end. It is a relieve or a true pain starts now.

I didn’t do pretty well for exam, I would say, because I couldn’t finish all the questions. :/ I’ve registered for next semester and although I wanted to take more free courses, I decided not to do so after realizing how much effort I need to put in for my Final Year Project (FYP).

My FYP has lagged behind schedule and it is a bad sign. I find it difficult to recall all the things that I have done so far and what are the things yet to be done.

Helped out in a school outreach event and it was kind of fun yet disappointing event. Fun, because I get to eat all the free food, stayed in Orchid Country Club, had fun with schoolmates and younger students, and toured around the corners of my school that I’ve never had a chance to do so. Disappointing, because I should have been exposed to all my school facilities from the first day in school. I mean, what’s the point of you showing off your school facilities and opportunities while your current undergraduates do not even know the existence of such thing??? Funny. The students asked me, so how often do you get to learn all these (lab projects and stuffs)? Do you really really enjoy your life here? Do you get to learn all these cool stuffs? Ok, I was lying. But well, I guess the management people has finally figure out the problems now.

Had a chance to meet Prof Eugene Fitzgerald, the professor who taught me in MITx course, Innovation and Commercialization. I was so happy and I took a photo with him! 🙂 (oh, I haven’t gotten my photos yet!)

I do enjoy most of the talks given by the visiting profs and some of my school’s profs.

I just submitted an entry for Shell360 Challenge today. It took me quite some time. My English got complained by the-one-who-shall-not-be-named. :< ok, I know I ought to improve.

Yet, another challenge, Green My City organized by Schneider. It’s heart-breaking to find out that someone I yearn to work with isn’t too sincere in agreeing to work with me. But why didn’t the person tell me straight in the face and continue to give me false hope? Or was it just me who couldn’t catch the hint and continue to be hopeful? But the disappointment is more than described.

Perhaps life is meant that way. Things not meant to happen in your life shall never happen.

Facing a cross street in front of me, little do I realize that God is clearing the way for me. For each step I took, there is no turning back, but there will be a new step. Sometimes I am terrified because I chose a darker path. I know it means trouble. I know I shouldn’t continue walking deeper and deeper into hell. I am the lost little black sheep.

Jesus says, listen closely. Listen closely to the voice of your Shepherd.