DM2009 9th Nov Update

I missed the Performance and Interaction make up lesson today because I had a test at the same time. Luckily the lab is accessible after the lesson so I stayed back for a few hours to continue my project. However I did not take enough components on Wednesday. 😦

Here is a little information about what I want to do!

The first idea is called “What does the Fox say?”. Basically it is a game where a group of people take turns to guess the animal sound produced by the interactive device. There will be 3 photo resistor where the player can press on one of them and this will trigger MAX program to generate a random cue number. The cue number corresponds to a certain sound file which will be played. However there is a set of numbers which will play the “What does the fox say” sound clip. The user has to mimic one of the “fox sounds” in that song in order to pass that round. I am still thinking of the “penalty” for those who guess the sound wrong. May be I can set a hidden button where if the player guesses the animal sound wrongly, I can press the switch to play the “Oppa Gangnam Style” and the player has to dance with it. hahaha. My problem is that, I’m not sure if MAX can play mp3 file? And can I adjust (or crop out) where the music file should start playing?

Update: Yes! Can crop using Audacity!

The second idea is to have a set of photoresistors. When user hovers through the photoresistors, a series of musical notes will be played according to the photoresistors’ values. But my issue is that in my assignment 1, the music files did not seem to be played “seamlessly”. But one of my classmates did it quite well, may be I can ask him about it.

Mr Dirk gave me some feedback regarding my ideas. He liked the first idea better. Yay! Me too! Haha it seems fun! So I started to work on it since Wednesday. We found out one funny thing about the circuit. The Digital Input does not take in the input from a switch but instead it could sense an open-ended wire when it is touched by bare hand. Amazing huh? Later this was developed into an idea of letting the user to touch the wire instead of pressing buttons or photoresistor.

Instead of me judging whether the player has guessed /made the right sound, Mr Dirk suggested that i could let the audience vote! Ya, that could be much more interactive! So I designed the simple circuit and connected them up to perform some simple logic test on Wednesday.

Before coming to class today, i refined the idea and thought through the whole process of performance and how the interaction should be.Here is the excerpt from my email to Mr. Dirk yesterday:

“What Does the Fox Say?”
– connect the open ended wire to one of the digital input (this serves as the “tail” of the fox)
– connect 2 LEDs to a digital output (serve as the 2 eyes of the fox)
– connect 3 photoresistors to the analog inputs (for the panel of judges)
(I still cannot figure out how to use the switch so I can only make use of photoresistor for now)
How does it work?
– 1 player with 3 judges
– the player will touch the “tail” (wire) of the fox and the “fox” (arduino and MAX) will output a random sound which could be an animal sound or the “What does the fox say” sound clip.
– If it is an animal sound, the player has to guess the animal. If it is the sound clip, the player has to tell the class what does the fox say.
– the 3 judges determine if the player can pass that round. If they do not wish to let him/her pass, they have to cover up the photoresistor.  The photoresistors value will sum up and if it exceeds a certain value, the music of “oppa gangnam style” will be played.
1. the inconsistency of the open ended wire sometimes. I hope it works with any wire.
2. I have not try if the values of the photoresistors can be sum up … or is there a better way to do the judging or voting?

Unfortunately, I did not take enough components (photoresistor) on Wednesday so I could only make do of what I components I had. I used switches instead of photoresistors to test the input for the judges. I connected the switches to the analog inputs and hey they work! [See Figure below for the circuit connection] I shall get more components from the IT office next week! 😀


I also found some cute fox pictures to be printed for the performance day! It’s Stupid Fox.

stupid fox  music  stupid fox printable

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