DM2009 Progress (Week 7)

The recess week is here! i have no lab session before the class and so Wen Yang and I went to the Performance and Interaction class earlier. I guess we were a bit too early as the door was still locked. So we headed over to the library. It has been my favourite place ever since I first stepped into it 2 months ago. Haha.

The second time we went to the class, the door is still locked. But thankfully a staff walked pass and granted us access. Surprisingly Mr. Dirk was already inside, with some other students as well. Oh uhh and I don’t like being late again :((

I went on to proceed with my project idea by downloading some music sample files from here.  I constructed a Max project based on some of the tutorials, which allows the user to play a musical note when a key on the keyboard is pressed. Sorry that I still couldn’t figure out how to perform printscreen on Mac. I know it is Command+Shift+3 but where is the file? I tried to paste it in Adobe photoshop’s new file but it doesn’t seem to work like Window’s printscreen which have to be pasted somewhere. Anyway, I use the function “key” to get the pressed keyboard value then “split” it from 48 to 59 (in ASCII) so as to just extract (detect) numerical value 1 to 9. Then i set up a “cue” function and used a music file player to “open” the first music note and “preload” key 2 to 9 with 8 other music files.

My first intention is to have different preload files such as piano, guitar, cello, and saxophone. Then using some sort of color detection function to get the colour of the shirt that the user is wearing. Different colours will open and preload different files and so when that user presses on the keyboard, the music being played will be different. I tried to use the “jit.findbound” function and colour lookup table but I couldn’t seem to make it work. 😦

At last, I changed the idea to something simpler. If the surrounding noise level is high, preload a set of louder music; if it is more quiet, preload softer music. Hmm, i guess the noise level fluctuated too frequently and the preloading process could be too intense for Mac to handle that it hung for several times.

Mr. Dirk gave me a better idea after that. So instead of just preload the music, I use a counter to count the number of times that the noise level exceeds a certain dB. It was quite fun to hear the music being played in a funny way according to the noise level but i think the choice of the music notes plays an important role now. In the end, i gave it 2 options. If the noise level is more than -30dB, it plays a music note according to the counter. If it is not, a user can play the notes using the keyboard (9 keys).

Improvement that can be done: Instead of just 9 musical samples, i could include more (but smaller file size) music samples. To make it more interactive, I can install some sensors at the pathway so if a person walk pass, it counts “1” and plays the first music sample. Then followed by the second person who walks pass, it will play the second samples and so on. This is actually very similar to my very very first few ideas after my first DM2009 lesson! 😀

  1. Install at least 2 sensors at a certain distance apart(e.g. 2 meter). When a person walks pass the first sensor, it triggers a timer. When the second sensor is triggered, the timer is stopped. If the time, let say, is less than 3 seconds, it means the person is walking very fast or nervous. So a more soothing and relax music is played along the walkway. The intention is to calm down the person. Same wise, if the time taken is more, an energetic music is played because the assumption is that the person is feeling depressed or dispirited. So a lively and faster music can cheer the person up.
  2. Different sensors are attached at different corner in the room. When each of them is triggered, a musical note will be played. So the more people in the room, the merrier! Everyone can just walk or run around the room, triggering different sensors and thus different musics can be performed.

HAHAHA, this actually ignites my passion for engineering again! 😀



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