HAHAHA today is a good day to try all those crazy stuffs. But it was a super normal day: woke up late because I was so immersed in a dream, studied my comp security (slow as ever), checked my whatsapp and knight still sleeping, ate cereal with milk for lunch, write some blogs for FYP, cleared MIT’s course exercises for this week, checked whatsapp and knight still sleeping, called knight and he’s still sleeping, wrote an email to knight to blackmail him, did some figurobics (pls, for like 10 minutes?), continue MIT course, finally knight woke up, nagged like an old mother, then went dinner.

I tried the new stall in the canteen – what a nice BBQ fried chicken leg with rice. Satisfied? No, i decided to reward myself with a can of coke after I returned hall. And guess what? I found a packet of MacDonald’s salt in my cupboard. Well, they said salt with coke cools down the body. So I opened up the can, drink a sip and pour in the salt.


To my amaze, my rootbeer fantasy came true, non stop. Volcanic eruption. I stared at the phenomenon blankly. The foam, bubbles and gas are everywhere on my desk. My first reaction is to sip using the straw as hard as possible. CHEERS! Then the coke started dripping down the desk and all i could do is to use my hand to stop it. =.=

Oh well, obviously that didn’t help much. So I end up mopping the floor with coke…. CHEERS!

I text knight and all he could do is laughing non-stop.


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