Performance and Interaction Ideas

This week we have to generate some ideas to be implemented in our project next week. The requirements for the ideas are that it has to be interactive, a performance, workable, and creative. We tried some interactive examples such as object tracking and play music according to the movement of the tracked object.

Some of my initial ideas were:

  1. When a certain key sequence is pressed, a music note / message is played. I tried this last week but it did not work quite well.
  2. To refine the idea above, I will assign some music notes to a set of keys on the keyboard. In addition to that, using webcam to detect the colour of shirt that the person is wearing, the music notes being played will be different. For example, when a person wearing red presses the keyboard, the music played will be of that of a piano. If another person with blue shirt is playing the keyboard, the music will be of that of a cello.
  3. With that, I had another idea of setting up a space with different colour panels. When a person walks around in that space with a webcam, it will detect the colors of the panel and different music/sound will be played.
  4. As i have not figure out how to recognize the colours, I may want to just stick to a particular colour so that only those wearing a certain colour can play the musical keyboard.

Next week, I will try out either idea 2 or 4.


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