Resume and Cover Letter

I have finally done my resume and cover letter for HW0310 after 2 days of struggle in writing an appealing resume. Phew.

Thank you for an extremely helpful senior who guided me through the process of writing a good resume. B)

Here are something to share: (trust me, they sound easy but when you start writing it, you will go blank, for a moment at least)

1. Find your dream job but be realistic. Find a company who welcomes many fresh graduates.

2. Read the advertisement and analyze the job scope (read between the lines). Identify certain keywords (mostly verbs and nouns) and write down adjectives / actions relevant to each one of them. Our instructor highlighted that we should “build our career on our strength”. If we have the traits (adjectives) matching the keywords, we are good to apply for the position.

Some examples mentioned in the class:

Keyword: explore // Traits: creative, innovative

look after// responsible, meticulous, attention to details

source for // resourceful, networking, negotiation skills

research collaborations // make profit, practical

3. Get all the names right! Especially the company’s name, position and your institution and course name.

4. Be specific and realistic of your career goal.

5. Don’t be too colourful

6. Include only relevant experiences and projects – qualifications that fit the job and the company

lynn johnston comic about interview and resume

Good resume provides accurate details about what you’ve done, rather than exaggerate

As for Application Letter, be persuasive. Show your passion and enthusiasm. Always refer back to the advertisement.

The structure is usually in this format: (Prospecting Letter)

1. Attention-Getter – show your intention and introduce yourself

2. Details – present your most relevant experiences

3. Details – present your soft skills

4. Request for Action – highlight most relevant skills again and leave your contact

Some useful links for Resume Writing:

1 Resume Dictionary

2. Categorized Action Verbs

3. More action verbs (PDF file)

4. Somemore!

Happy writing resume! Next article I will be updating on Interview. 🙂


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