Arts in Me

I was excited when i signed up for a course called “Performance and Interaction” as my elective course. The impression that it left in my head was that I am going to learn performance! I am going to have a lot of audience interaction and such.

The first two lessons were cancelled and I guess many people will drop it after realizing that the fact isn’t the same as their imagination. I do not deny that I was quite shocked to attend the first lesson last week. But I am very impressed by our instructor, Mr. Dirk Johan Stromberg, an improviser, composer and music technologist. (Wow, never in my life that I could imagine meeting a musician in real life huh?)

So i had a better understanding of the course after the first lesson. Performance is not about just you and the stage but it involves all the preparation work to bring out a majestic show. While interaction is not about how the crowd cheers at you but it is about how you let the audience feel your art pieces.

I have always love art and consider myself as an artistic person. Not because I could sing well or play any musical instruments or a great painter, but i feel a sense of arts in my soul. I have been searching for it and struggling through depression by arts.

I want to better express myself and to find a true identity of myself, through arts. It does not confine in just my drawing or painting or a compose of tunes, but it is alive in my daily life. There are characters that I would like to portray. I want others to feel its existence. I performed without realizing it, in melancholy.

8 years since then, I have grown up and the arts in me are fading away. I would not do it the same way again but I will definitely give it a new life.


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