Startathon – First in Singapore

Oh yay, i survived through the 26 hours Startathon. In fact, it was more than 26 hours of staying awake but almost 40 hours. I stayed awake all thanks to my teammate’s lameness, and I kept on laughing till the end. 😉 Laughter is more useful than Red Bull (oh yes, we didn’t consume a single drop!). Not a sweet tooth and I wish there is something salty among the snacks they offered. :/ I should eat some fruits but I didn’t [Regret max].

Cool. So we manage to form a team of 7 people, mostly engineer. We are honoured to have met a Executive MBA student and he is really playing a good role of “Devil’s Advocate” by scrutinizing our ideas and taught us a lot. Half-way through, we couldn’t get started with any idea and some of us left. Raspberry Pi didn’t work out well and I’m so demotivated.

I’m glad that there was someone so persistent in the team and motivated us through. It is a trait that I should learn huh. Also, I’m thankful for a kind senior who “feel so bad” if he leaves us. HAHAHA and I’m so thankful for another lame to the max senior who kept me awake by their lameness the whole night. Thankful for his brother because I found a programmer (and i remembered I have not been doing anything about our mobile app business for these few months!). Thankful for the hardware genius who drew out such a nice piece of design and I feel so bad if we don’t present it. Thankful for the 55 minutes phone call from the Business guy who taught me how to do the business canvas and make me feel confident about it. Last but not least, I’m thankful for someone who fetched me to the venue and back to hall, all the way from the other side of the Singapore.

I feel sorry for not achieving anything big out of this event but I’m still glad for joining it. Met awesome people (not many but yeah, better than none). See how a pitching should be done. All you need is just a great passion and a grand idea. It may not be working but yeah, just show something will do. Meh.

At last, we get started with the initial Pill Dispenser idea. There is another team doing the exact same idea. Oh well and they got into final because they showed a nice window app (which may not be working? just an idea?) Nevertheless, our team did good!

But the food was goooood la (Best achievement of the event).

Okay, I shall get started with my homework. Feel a bit dizzy still.


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