SD Card Format Successfully

Out of many suggestions found over the web and by fellow Raspberry-Enthusiasts in the Official Forum here, I finally found a solution to my SD Card Write-protected problem as mentioned here.

I intended to use my camera to format the card but I didn’t try it. Also, I didn’t have an external card reader. Thankfully, my friend, Alex, lent me his external SD card right after i posted that on Facebook. 😑 So kind!

sd card plugged into sd card reader sd card plugged into sd card reader

Finally, on this blue Monday, I plugged in the SD card into the reader and plugged the reader into my laptop. I run SDFormatter, configure quick settings and click “Format”. There were no “write protected” words appear anymore. YESH! So the process went well and I transferred the extracted NOOBS files into the SD card.


Now lets wait for me to get a HDMI cable. πŸ˜‰

Btw, I met up with my pretty professor on Friday and we discuss further on the ideas. πŸ™‚

My direction becomes clearer:

– automated pill dispenser & reminder system

– can help to reduce the burden of caregivers / nurses

– panel installed in a ward to check patient’s profile and dispense the medicine automatically.


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