Professional Communication

Just a quick summary on the useful things that I’ve learnt during the 3 hours of Professional Communication lesson today (mostly from the tutorial session). D:

Most of the time, we thought that we know ourselves better than anyone else. But when we are asked of what strength we have, we could turn speechless for at least a few seconds. As Asian, I’m not being brought up in a culture that I can pompously speak about my strengths. I have to think twice or more for an (general) adjective to describe myself so that the person will not sneer behind me. : /

During interview or when writing resume, it is important to be mindful of the adjectives chosen. There are perceptions sometimes, without realizing that ourselves.

When you said you are confident, they may think you are arrogant. More examples below:

Persistent -> stubborn?

easy-going -> not serious?

creative -> not realistic (opps, that’s true)

communicative -> talkative?

meticulous -> calculative

leadership -> ambitious (mindful!)

Certain words like leadership and having a vision may not be suitable when you are applying for an entry job. It is true because those people interviewing you are someone more superior than you, and when you say you can lead well or you have a vision, it somehow challenges their authorities.

Next, to handle complaint letters, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. consider impact on readers – do not make them feel bad (like “Our company has taken serious actions against the staff”, will the reader feel guilty?) put yourself in the reader’s shoes.
  2. use POSITIVE approach – Never ever use the word NOT because it brings negative energy in your letter. “You are not, we cannot, it is not, etc)
  3. avoid using clichés – it is not something that can be overused and it has to be used carefully.
  4. think for reader’s benefits – what can the reader benefit from your suggestion/action?

Important things in reply to a complaint letter is to

  1. acknowledge that you’ve understand the problem and not blaming anyone!
  2. provide solutions/suggestions/advice (based on your expertise)
  3. build goodwill 🙂

Let’s be mindful over formal letters!  Wait, reread, revise, send.



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