Hey Raspberry

So i’ve got my new Raspberry Pi for ages and had problem with my SD card while trying to write NOOBS into it. Last night, I decided to try writing raw Image, Raspbian, into it.

It took me over night to download it (as i fell asleep) and this morning I’ve forgotten how did I verify the image for the last time. So just a note to myself, here’re the simple steps. (I’m using Window 7)

1. Download sha1sum.exe from Here

2. Run command prompt (cmd)

3. Drag the sha1sum.exe file into the command prompt. It will show a path to it.

4. Put a space.

5. Drag the raw image ZIPPED file into command prompt. (Don’t extract yet because there is no point of extracting a corrupt file)

6. Compare the hash generated with the one provided on the website. (for my Raspbian, f072b87a8a832004973db4f5e1edb863ed27507b)

7. If it is the same, then you have downloaded it successfully! If it is not, redownload again.

Following through the rest of the guide here, I come to a dead end again. There you go, write protected. : /

write protect error

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