Web Application Lesson 1

So i have been hearing bad experiences from seniors about this particular module offered to the final year student, Web Design and Application. It was said to be a time-consuming module and the professor has a high expectation on the students.

However I was kind of shocked when the professor actually is a very friendly and helpful person. Perhaps they were talking about some other professors?

Anyway, I installed XAMPP on my Window 7 today. Faced some problems that I am going to note them down.

For Windows:

1. Download XAMPP Portable Lite 1.8.3 PHP 5.5 ZIP file from here.

2. Extract it and move the files to Desktop.

3. Double-click on setup_xampp window batch file. Wait for it to initialize and complete.

4. Run xampp-control application.

5. Start Apache and MySQL. I’ve got errors while starting them!! >> what I did to solve them

– Port 80 in used by system >> change to Port 8000 instead (At Apache, click on “config”>httpd.conf, search for “Listen 80”, change it to “Listen 8000”, save.)

– Apache stopped unexpectedly. >> I stopped MySQL service under Administrative Tool>Service but it doesn’t help. Check for other application that might be using Port 80 (e.g Dreamweaver) but I couldn’t find anything (in fact, I don’t know what else).

– MySQL path in used >> Uninstall the previously installed MySQL.

Finally, I stopped Web Deployment Agent Service and changed it to “Manual start”. Only then I could start MySQL on XAMPP.

The professor said, the best way of learning is to be active and engaged. Do not be scared to ask questions and to clarify. We make mistakes in order to learn. There is nothing wrong to copy but you have to modify it. One nice thing I like about the professor is that he give chance (first warning) to students.  At least if you make mistakes unknowingly, you could change for better.




  1. HI, kinda random, but i’d like to ask how was this module when you took it? like overall what did you learnt and such. Hope to get your reply asap.

    1. wow hey sorry i didnt get a notification of your comment and i know this reply is way too late!
      anyway, jus to answer your question, we learnt html, css, javascript, php and stuff. pretty much available on self-learning sites like w3school but there will be interesting project as well. 🙂 hope my reply still helps.

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