SD card Format Failed

I was all excited about my new Raspberry Pi , Gert board and Arduino Board. They have been there in the box for weeks and I finally took the first step to write the Raspbian Image into my new 16Gb SD card following the guide on the Official Raspberry Pi page.

1. I downloaded the SD Association Formatting Tool from here, installed and ran it.

2. I inserted my SanDisk 16Gb into my laptop built-in card reader.

sandisk 16gb sd card

SanDisk 16Gb SD card

3. Set “Format Size Adjustment” option to ON as shown below.

sd card formatter

4. Clicked on Format and this was what I got: ” The Memory Card is write-protected. Please release the write protect switch.”

sd card formatter write protection error

So, as usual, i searched that on Google and some of the solutions that I have tried are:

1. Paste some tapes over it (as taught here or videos like this)

2. Use a software (USB write-protected) (like here)

3. Press the switch (as taught in most forums / support)

None of the above works.  So i contacted the SanDisk support. They do not seem to have encountered such problem before… and the technician mentioned : “SanDisk does not support the memory card to used as the boost device for the OS image.”

So I am stuck and still waiting for the support.

Other stuffs I tried:

– I couldn’t write any data into it.

– it works fine for my Canon camera.

– I can read the image files in it (image taken using the camera)

– i could not delete the file (there is no delete option and even if i press on DEL button on my keyboard)

I think I should get a Toshiba SD card instead.  : /



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