Hey guys! I have been on a long holiday! (Almost 2 months!) I enjoyed myself very much!

There are too much things to learn and too little time. Put Raspberry Pi aside (i hope I still remember how to log in), I started running a Fashion blog following the I-Don’t-Know-Where-Am-I-Heading Website.

I have been doing some cute crafts as well and realize that my designs aren’t too cute after all. Sigh. There are too many references to be studied. I’m happy for it but I have too little time.

Anyway, it is going to be a new page of my Raspberry Pi! I got a Raspberry Pi Model B 512Mb RAM for my project yesterday (1st August)! Pretty Excited! Got an Arduino UNO and a Gertboard as well. But what’s next? Browsing more on your blogs on Raspberry Pi out there and exploring more ideas! πŸ™‚

Oh I haven’t get started at all. 😦 I just feel like drawing!


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