Raspberry Pi as a Reading Machine

I was thinking of this but can’t seem to find a relevant project else where.

Since Raspberry Pi has an audio jack, and a lot of people are using it to play HD movies and musics, i presume it wouldn’t be a problem to read out some documents or texts.

Perhaps, I can have a web app that gets input from users (guardian, teacher, friend, whoever that can access your web app) and when they click a submit button, the message will be stored and played by Raspberry Pi. May be it can be used to read a document as well.

This is particularly useful for the lonely elderly at home. These old folks having poor eyesight, can use it to read newspaper or books. Teachers can send broadcast announcement to their students by sending some texts. A working adult can use it  as a reminder system. A housewife can use it to read out recipes while cooking.

And etc.  😉

Interested to start a project with me? Leave me a message!


Links for KIV:

4D System – cooking timer


Sunrise/sunset timer



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