Things to do with Raspberry Pi!

  1. Time-lapse Star-gazing photography
    Set up telescope and tape the camera module to the lens. take photo every 10 seconds and make them into a video.
    Things i need: camera module and this reference link.
    And convince my professor to lend me his telescope? :s
  2. My Raspberrian Diary
    A not so small tablet with raspberry pi hidden beneath a small-sized screen.
    A nice web app that allows me to store “things to do” or diary in my raspberry pi. or post it somewhere in skydrive or dropbox?A very vintage Note App indeed. ==
    who bother about it when everyone is using smartphone’s note app everywhere! geez.
  3. Fake barking system
    When people walking by my gate at night, the sensor will sense the person and a mini speaker will give out a dog barking sound. šŸ˜€
    Wooof!! grrrrrrrr~!!!
    Also, it will have a sets of sound so that it will not be the same all the time. :p May be during vacation mode!

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