VNC Server on Raspberry Pi

VNC Server

It would be tedious if you are connecting your Raspberry Pi to your only TV. You are doing some programming on it and you realize it’s the show time of your favourite drama series or cartoon series! (Yes I feel frustrated everytime I missed any minutes of the episode last time!)

Instead of unplugging your monitor from your PC, you can actually unplug R-Pi from its current set up (with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and so on) leaving only the power and Ethernet cable may be. Power on your laptop or PC and start PuTTY in order to connect securely to R-Pi.

Type in the following in the terminal (without $):

To install Tight VNC Server: $ sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
To run the program: $ tightvncserver


To start VNC server

(not really necessary) To start a VNC session: $ vncserver :1 -geometry 1920x1080 -depth 24

VNC Client / Viewer
On my laptop (window XP), I use UltraVNC downloaded from here.
Start UltraVNC Viewer and you will see this.



raspberry pi IP address

How to get IP address of Raspberry Pi.

UltraVNC authentication

UltraVNC authentication

Type in the server IP address and display number (1).  Key in your password set for your VNC server. Your R-Pi GUI desktop is now live on your laptop!

Raspberry Pi VNC remote desktop

Raspberry Pi VNC remote desktop

You can start the second or third server as well by replacing “:1” with “:2”, “:3” and so on.


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