Progress Update

It has been a long time since i last update on my Web App status. I have been working on displaying the status of the feedback from the system. Much work on jQuery. There are lots of problems encountered and i posted quite a few questions at Stack Overflow. I get some good solutions but not immediately. I feel gratitude towards those who have helped me along the way, including my colleagues.

The current status of my progress:

  • Able to show dropdown list.
  • User can select one option from the list (i scrapped off the multiple select as it is too cumbersome) and display a div assigned to it.
  •  User can key in the feedback number and it will be added dynamically into the table as new row.
  • User can delete those entries one by one in the table.
  • Those entries have their index number assigned dynamically too.
  • Feedback type can be shown on the table as well.
  • User can monitor the arming status optionArming Arming Feedback table Zone added Zone

Along the way, i have been facing lots of troubles but they are all solved now 🙂

  • unable to assign index number [SOLVED: var index = $(‘#status_table tbody tr’).last().index() +1; ]
  • unable to show div correctly [SOLVED:

    $('div.right > div').hide();
    var selector = '#' + $(this).val() + 'Text';
    }); ]

  • unable to show variable textInput [SOLVED: string concatenation problem]
  • unable to update variable textInput accordingly (from another option) [SOLVED: textInput =$(this).prev().('.TextInput').val();

This appears to work under certain sequence – see my problem here.


But i changed my program to if else condition now. i think it would be easier for myself to understand and to post and get to the server.]

  • unable to show the textInput or anything on the table. [SOLVED:
    textInput = $(this).parent().prev().find('.TextInput').val();
    See the post above].
  • unable to update the arming status [use setInterval(function(){ }, period) ]

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