Syntax Error

I am so vex trying and trouleshooting for the whole day! I lose my appetite and yet i feel like fainting right now. There is haze outside the office and i hate it!

Anyway, here is a brief update on what have i done in these dew days to my program. I added a new div on the right and a table in it to display the status of, say, a lamp. it works. i can switch the image of ON and OFF of the lamp. cool.
Then i added drop down list which allows me to multiselect. Then i link it to several checkboxes for each list option. cool. Then i realize it is impractical because i will need at least thousands of checkboxes. At the same time, i was able to add new row to the table when i check on the box and remove that row when i uncheck it. awesome.
Then i scrap off the checkbox and replace with text input. Okay, it is not as easy as obtaining the id of the checkbox and i have to get the value from user! let’s leave the validattion of data for now but hey i can’t get the .val() now! i posted my question on stackoverflow and some of their replies are quite hard for me to understand. oh well.

I am super hungry now!

the worst thing that always happen is when you refresh your browser and everything supposed to be hidden just showed up everywhere and you know what it means. you misplaced or forgot about a semicolon, curly bracket, a quotation mark somewhere somehow. and in the hundreds lines of codes, you have to recall which part did you edit and scrutinize through each line and character.
then you found one or suspect one, edit it, save it, send it over, refresh your browser and urgh, it is still the same. go through the process again. but the best thing is always after you found that stupid syntax error! yay.
why python IDLE doesn’t allow me to check :/
i think i should start using fiddle! it is so troublesome to scrolllllllll!


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