Geek feeling!

I just had a feeling for being a geek! I think it’s pretty cool. Although I’m not working in a gloomy, dark, forever-alone room with 3 mega monitor screens, the current workplace is comparable.

I’m typing my codes on my laptop while Raspberry Pi is running as webserver hosting 2 sites – one for CherryPy and one for Web2Py. There is a big monitor screen for Raspberry Pi and i think typing command line is pretty cool. Ehem.

Anyway today is quite fruitful. Both my web2py and cherrypy server are running well and awaiting more upgrades. I have gotten a new mission too and I would like to create a more useful and interactive web app. Teehee!

At the same time, I would like to create a mobile site for my website here: it seems easy to be done using Wix. 😉

Much things to do tonight but i wanna show you my invention yesterday! Look out for the next post!


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