WEIRD Web2py

Morning Monday.

So i was renown for being a “Spoiler” because i always cant’ wait to tell my sisters what’s going to happen in the drama series. 😡 So, i spoilt quite a few things last week including my sd card and SIM card. My Web2py web app couldn’t work as well.

I asked around in the forum and Google group, desperately finding answers. Then, i reconnect everything and hey, where is the error? ARE YOU SERIOUS? i logged into the Comfort system from my web2py app?! Then, i added another serial command to turn on the light… it turned on. i was shocked. Seriously, totally have no idea what is going on. I didn’t change anything, did I?

Anyway, now i will start hesitating between web2py and cherrypy, again.

Update on cherrypy progress, i manage to get the keypad out but have not able to use it to let user to sign in.

Update on my KDrama, YES, i have finished watching “Rooftop Prince” and it is extremely nice. I cried non-stop towards the end. Such a wonderful and touching story. Will update on it in a post next time! T_T

And Thank God for Easter Day. ❤ Gloria! Glory to the Lord! 😉


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