Z-Wave series: Aeon Labs Z-Stick Series 2

Z-Wave Evaluation Report

Product Name: Aeon Labs Z-Stick Series 2

Features and Functions:

USB adapter
Able to remotely include/remove Z-Wave devices

Operational Procedure:

3 mode of operations
1. Inclusion-Mode

  • Adding/including Z-Wave devices into Z-wave network
  • Has to be unplugged from USB connector
  • Tap the button once ( Blue LED blinks slowly)
  • Go to the device and press its z-wave button
  • Indication of successful inclusion -Blue LED will blink fast before it stays solid for 3 seconds.
  • LED return to blink slowly and is ready for inclusion of another device.
  • Tap again to turn it off.

2. Removal-Mode

  • Delete / remove / exclude a device from network
  • Has to be unplugged from USB connector
  • Press and hold down the button until the LED blinks fast
  • Go to the z-wave device and press the button
  • LED will stay solid for 3 seconds to indicate successful removal of device
  • LER return to blink fast and is ready for another exclusion

3. SerialAPI Mode

  • Plug Z-Stick into USB connector
  • Pressing on the button has no effect
  • Works with PC interface such as HomeSeer and InControl

4. Factory Reset

  • Done through host software ( HomeSeer and InControl) in SerialAPI mode (plug into USB connector)

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