Killer Web Development Walkthrough Part 4 continue

This continues from Killer Web Development Walkthrough Part 4

Skipped the Selenium part, moving on to “Fix our first test”. I couldn’t perform hg add fts/*. it gave me such error:

abort: /bin not under root

Leave it for the time being.

And i just found out one serious problem. In my zapp folder, there is only the .hg and fts folder. the necessary files are not there! so i perform
./ -S zapp again and it returns me the following:

OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘applications/zapp/language’

but the is there! in the /web2py/gluon

since i can’t create any new applications for now, (perhaps due to the changing of ownership yesterday argh), i shall copy the pitch application and rename it as zapptest and edit from there.

Start from installing selenium again. blah blah blah and FAILED.

In the end, i decided to change the ownership back to root. lesson learnt, not everyone replied to your forum questions can solve your problem!

sudo chown root:pi /home/www-data/web2py

okay, ownership changed and now i can create a new app!

sudo ./ -S zap

and there i go, repeating the same procedure from the start, just that now everything has to be in sudo mode. weird.

i copied the hgrc file from pitch too.

well after going through the whole process again, hoping for this miracle moment, it still gives the same error…

ERROR:Rocket.Errors.Port8001:Socket “ in use by other process and it won’t share.
WARNING:Rocket.Errors.Port8001:Listener started when not ready.

All right, moving on to “Fix ur first test”
$ gedit views/default/index.html

can’t perform the test.

With that i concluded section 4, with failures. sigh. I wonder if i should continue from here? 3 more chapters to go. next chapter will be mostly about testing the app!


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