Bumper Cars

Life is a lot like bumper cars. You get in your car, knowing that you will get hit, you just don’t know how hard. And when you get hit, you step on the gas pedal, chase the one who has hit you, and hope to bump that person harder than they have bumped you.

Just how many times we have to forgive? Up to seven times? Peter asked. Jesus answered, Up to seventy times seven.

There is no limit to grace. We forgive not because our offenders deserve it but because we’ve been forgiven.

Since we are among those who’ve been forgiven much, let’s stop the damage and share the blessing with others. -Joe Stowell

Lord, remind us of how deeply we have offended You and how often You have extended the grace of forgiveness to us. Teach us to forgive others and to trust You to deal with those who sin against us.


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