Start of New Project – Raspberry Pi


I have finally decided to set up a blog to record down my journey with Raspberry Pi. It has been almost 2 weeks since I laid my hand on Raspberry Pi (R-Pi). I have never used Linux before. To me, it is a stranger Penguin which is just another operating system like Window or Mac. I never knew this penguin could offer so much to the programmers and it is absolutely open source and free.

Well I love free stuffs, and therefore I shall not miss this opportunity to learn and gain invaluable and FREE knowledge available on the giant database, Internet.

I just watched “Social Network” yesterday (24th February 2013) and I felt a bit demoralized. I am about Mark’s age and I can’t even set up a WordPress. All I know is how to use Facebook (perhaps, not even to the full extent. Yeah right, I can’t use Facebook codes to write an app, can I?)

So here I am, once again, determined to do something useful and meaningful. To be frank, I have been through such motivated state for a few times over the years. However the determination would often die out soon enough. Lack of time, lack of resource, and no one to share the joy of achievement!

But I feel that I should really make good use of this opportunity to train myself through this 6 months (22 weeks to be exact) Industrial Attachment. Well 6 weeks have passed and how much can I recall? It does not matter because the most important thing is the present and the future.

Perhaps, I could include my other interests (arts, crafts, and movie) and some other stuffs like search engine optimisation in the future!

Let’s do it!


      1. Oh! sorry, i was confused… Gent is in Belgium and the language is Dutch? (i always thought Dutch is the same as Deutsch) i learnt a bit of it last year and it was quite fun 🙂 but haven’t get to revise it for months.

      2. Thank you!! 🙂 I’m glad you like them, will post more when the uploading issues are fixed 🙂
        I’m studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

      3. I’m majoring in Infocomm 🙂 one more year to go before i graduate! Have been inspired by blogs like yours lately, so i’m starting my learning journey blog here. :p

      4. hmm, to be frank, i have been wondering about that too. Not particularly sure what i want to work as… currently i’m doing my industrial attachment in a home automation company, quite interesting i would say. 🙂 and that’s how i get to play with R-Pi.

      5. automation, that’s something where I was wondering about since I was a little child. Did you wrote about the attachement somewhere, cause I’m interesting in readying such information. I think I could learn a lot.

      6. wow! i didnt even know what is automation when i was young. haha. nope, i just started writing them here. 🙂 it has been 7 weeks past, i hope i can update them at here as much as i can 🙂

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