Killer Web Development Walkthrough 2

Still on the Killer Web Development tutorial. Step 2 walkthrough:

I installed :

  • the text editor gedit
  • the web browser Firefox with the Firebug-extension
  • the version control system Mercurial

I actually installed them on my Raspberry Pi as well as Window XP.

Start off with Window XP:

Gedit : download from here  (thanks to firebug!)

Python : I chose python 2.7.3 for my Window XP

Didnt manage to set the path properly I guess, because it didnt show me the path when I typed “python” in command prompt.



Firebug is one awesome Firefox extension!! it is like a recce bug sent off to a destination before I’m going there. Well, not exactly but I can check out the destination before I click on a button! Fights off malicious links! It is able to analyze websites too. Have not try it out though but surely helpful for my site analytic.

Press F12 will toggle to firebug window and pressing Ctrl + shift + C will be in the bug mode!

Mercurial: not really sure what it is used for though.

Next, on my Raspberry Pi Linux system.

Gedit: sudo apt-get install gedit

Python: already installed

Firefox: no such thing in Debian system!

Instead, it is called Iceweasel. Haha, funny huh?

sudo apt-get install iceweasel

Firebug: sudo apt get install iceweasel-firebug

(Not too sure if just the last one will work.)

Mercurial: sudo apt-get install mercurial

I just followed blindly to set up the mercurial text file (“first time setup”) without knowing what is the purpose though.

I skipped the Cygwin section.

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