Hello Brainwave

Many years ago, capturing brainwave and reading people’s mind have been a sci-fi thing. They call it a psychic power or something. Some even use it to control other people’s mind. People wants to have the power of doing so and yet little people actually believe in it.

I have always wanted such power – not to do evil deeds, but just to be able to transmit my brain signal to external processor. Then, I need external hard disk storage too. I do not think it is not possible, considering that the computer is able to at least show some spikes based on the brainwave. This is really something I want to research and study in depth into!

My first ever idea to use such power is to turn my thoughts into real image and videos. I am not good in conveying my thoughts into words nor drawings but certainly confident in imagining a detailed picture or scene. Perhaps I may spend hours laying dead, “drawing” a small image on the computer screen using my brain wave! Slowly, I can make my own blockbuster movies without hiring any crew and actor. Haha! #braindead

While wireless communication has been made possible, why can’t brain wave been transmitted wirelessly? May be we can attach a small chip externally on our forehead which acts as a transceiver (or may be just a transmitter for a start), and start sending commands to our computer or home automation controller. May be we can communicate with each other without any electronic devices apart from that small transceiver on our forehead!

However, security has always been an issue for almost every technology invented in the world. How do you ensure that no one hacks into your brain? How do you ensure people will not misuse the technology to do evil deeds such as controlling people mind or system?

I don’t foresee myself doing research in this field anytime soon but I am sure this technology will surface some years later. How cool huh.

I want to “step one foot” into this. Definitely.

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Hello. Long time since my last post. It has been a few busiest months, coming to an end this week after I am done with my Final Year Project Oral Presentation.

Just so you know, the title of this post is not anyway related to “art that is deviant in a heinous manner or whatsoever”, but just an art community site that I am a member of since 9 years (WUT! 9 years?!) ago. Yes, it is Deviantart.com It is a shocking figure that shows how fast time actually flies. While browsing through my page, which I rarely do, I feel like a loser. :( Let me tell you why.

I had a very strong self-esteem when I thought I’m really good at drawing. So I drew and drew. Back then, I had little access to the internet and not even a scanner or a proper computer. I would let my sister to bring all my drawings to scan at her office and send them to me via e-mail. Then I would post them one by one to Deviantart.com using a public computer. Later, the venue has a scanner. I was very delighted. I drew more, scan more, and post more. As I grew older, I owned a computer, and happily installed Adobe Photoshop (my dream software) in it. I couldn’t afford a tablet yet (I mean, I could afford it but I don’t have enough reason to buy one yet). I did some digital arts and colorings and happily posted them up on the site. Later, I had a color printer with scanner. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was also a fanatic anime fans who liked to save beautiful pictures found on the web and asked my sister to print them, in copies. So, this printer has been almost 3 years old. I have never print out any anime pictures nor scan any of my drawings. In fact, I rarely post nor draw something proper for years.

I encountered a page on Deviantart.com just a while ago. Well, sorry. The drawings sucks. The Deviant (an artist in the community) has joined the site for only 2 years and the pageview is about 20k. While mine, 9 years with only 35k views. In fact, this is not my first encounter. I have seen many Deviants who draw simple and children-like drawing but received more views and likes than my most popular drawing. This raises a question in me. Are my drawings worse than hers? If not, what’s wrong? Yes, there is something wrong, but it’s in me. It’s about the hardwork and connection. Detaching from the community for years and you expect people to recognize you? Nah. Not putting in any more effort or show any improvement since 9 years ago and expecting people to praise you? Nah. Not giving people feedback and expecting people to give you their feedback? Nah. This world is about give and take. Well there are artists who are extremely good and their artworks receive recognition without them giving as much feedback to the community. But this goes back to the hardwork. They posted their work from time to time, with better artwork each time. If they don’t, the feedback will certainly die down someday too. While those who are not as talented and yet receiving a good amount of positive feedback, it’s about them reaching out to the community and people are returning the favour to encourage such positive cycle.

So why am I only receiving 35k of pageviews? Back to those 2 points: I’m not putting in enough effort and I’m not sociable. I don’t draw diligently and I don’t improve. Even if I really have the potential in arts, if I don’t work on it, nothing big is going to happen. I don’t improve in the sense that I don’t actively seeking new skills nor learning to use new tools. Meh. Second, I don’t actively participate in the community. I don’t make myself known to others, why do you think people could find my page and give me a “Fave” (it’s like a “Like” on Facebook)?

In life (in real life I mean, not just an online community), the rules apply. Remain silent and no one will notice you. Remain lazy and normal as ever, no one will ever recognize you. Unless you work hard enough to prove yourself; unless you actively engaging people around you and spread your connection, nobody knows whom you could be. Not even yourself.

Okay, here’s my site and I will get my pageview up and my website ranking up again! (but sometimes there are difficult circumstances that you can’t avoid. :( oh well.)

How to set your Raspberry Pi Screen Resolution

Previously my monitor could not support HD display and it looks awful. So I decided to turn on the safe mode for HDMI. It’s a headache because the font size is big and everything on the page is big. Recently I was using the monitor in the lab and I finally thought of changing the setting. So here’s what I did.

1. Get the list of what’s supported by your monitor:

tvservice -d edid
edidparser edid

2. There are a few modes in the resulting list. Choose one that you want. (For me, i chose DMT (35) 1280x1024p)

3. Edit the config file:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Comment out safemode.

Find the section about HDMI, uncomment it and set the right group and mode from step 2. If your mode description contains “DMT”, the group should be 2, and if it contains “CEA”, it should be 1, so for me that was:

# Set monitor mode to DMT
# Set monitor resolution to 1280x1024p 60Hz

Exit the editor with CTRL+X, followed by Y.

4. Reboot:

sudo shutdown -r now


Raspberry Pi desktop screenshot

Raspberry Pi desktop screenshot


Changing Password for phpmyadmin on Raspberry Pi

I happen to forget my password to phpmyadmin because it was months ago since i installed it with my Apache2 web server. I did a quick search on the net and found a forum post discussing about recovering password for phpmyadmin on XAMPP. I haven’t try this on Raspberry Pi because I managed to recover my root password. (username is root!) However this may be useful for future reference:

You may want to edit this file: “\xampp\phpMyAdmin\config.inc.php” for XAMPP on desktop or “/etc/phpmyadmin/confid.inc.php”

change this line (for XAMPP):

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = ‘WhateverPassword’;

to whatever your password is. If you don’t remember your password, then run this command in the Shell:

mysqladmin.exe -u root password WhateverPassword

where ‘WhateverPassword’ is your new password.

However I couldn’t find the line for Raspberry Pi. Instead, this may be helpful:
/* Uncomment the following to enable logging in to passwordless accounts, after taking note of the associated security risks. */
// $cfg['Servers'][$i]['AllowNoPassword'] = TRUE;

How to do Raspberry Pi Backup

It is really important to do back up to your SD card because anymore addition or configuration will cause your previous configuration state to disappear and you have to redo everything!

I am in the state where I am partly successful with my experiment but unhappy about the framework used. So it’s time to do a back up and modify the files in the card for my new experiment.

I thought I have written a post regarding this but it seems like I have not. So, just for my future reference, here are the steps to do the back up. It’s pretty simple.

  1. If you are using Window, download Win32 Disc Imager (win32diskimager-v0.9-binary) here.
  2. Unzip the file and open the “Win32DiskImager” application.
  3. To write a back up file to your laptop/ PC, select the location where you want the backup file to be by clicking the “open file” icon. WARNING: it is going to be the size of your SD card, e.g 8Gb for my case.
  4. Type in a name for your backup file. Check that everything is correct.
  5. Click Read.

It takes a while to complete. Once it is done, it will prompt you and “Done” will be written at the bottom left.



To write a backup file to your SD card, do the same thing. Select the back up file and right device, click Write. This will overwrite the SD card with the backup image.

Enrichment Issues

I spent nearly 20 years of my life doing things that I am asked and expected to do. I learned things that I am supposed to learn, which everyone around me expected me to learn. I was (am) living in a socially engineered world. I was expected to do well in my academic. The system of meritocracy has confined my full potential instead of unleashing it.

I have never (or little known to have) study something for the sake of learning something new. Perhaps, I forgot that I actually did that when I was younger. When I was hungry for knowledge, when I was curious about the world, when I knew I would be happy to learn new things.

I am trying so hard to be back to that period of time, to that kind of mindset which would constantly keep me in the mood of learning. But here am I in a university, feeling inadequate in every field, unable to find time to improve on things that I WANT TO. I failed to enrich myself with my passions. There are times when I don’t even know what I can be in the future, nor what I am good at. My time is occupied by things and curriculum planned for me. No one compensates my 20+ years and yet My parents and I are paying for the loss of my precious time.

Perhaps that is why those successful entrepreneurs and geniuses are drop-outs from school. Of course, drop-out does not guarantee you a successful life.

But since I have already paid the bill, I shall continue this journey for 3 more months. I still have to study for my quiz tomorrow. Make full use out of those plans to minimize the loss for myself.

Life of a puppet. How sad.





I don’t usually talk much and when I do, I talk quite a lot.

Sometimes when I got worn out by work or project, I either get very excited to talk or I can’t think of anything to talk about at all.

When talking to senior or a group of people, I would rather be a listener. It’s a kind of respect but it seems to the cause of been labelled as “quiet and shy”.

… (I literally can’t think of what to write now, things slipped off my mind)


其实有时候,我真的只是想分享好处,而不是需要利用他人。我当然有选择,但是我想到谁就问谁。我觉得谁值得,我就给谁。 不需要太在意。