A Complaint Letter to AirAsia

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I know this feedback is a bit late but I have to travel again and I’m considering AirAsia. I have previously written this when submitting my after-flight survey but no follow up action has been done so just to make sure your Customer Service department read this, I’m taking my time to leave this feedback.

I purchased a premium seat row number 2A. I had a small hand luggage which is a standard paper-shopping bag, and a laptop backpack. I kept the shopping bag in the compartment above my seat and my laptop bag under the seat in front of me, as instructed.

However, when I am all comfortable ready to fly, your flight attendant took out my shopping bag and ask whose is this. Of course, I claimed it as mine. He passed it to me and didn’t instruct me on what to do with it. He then helped a Caucasian, who is sitting behind me, to put his luggage bag into the compartment. OK, that’s fine, helpful enough. Then what about me?

Then the next thing happen, a lady boarded and sat in front of me, slotted her bag pack under her seat. (Note that she is sitting in the spacious first row). Remember my laptop backpack? She pushed it all the way till I have no space for my feet! When asked, she refused to move it because she said she was instructed by the crew to put it under her seat.

My understanding fellow passenger who was a total stranger started questioning the flight attendant about the shopping bag which I am still holding, and on my thigh. I had literally no space in front of me. (I purchased food as well and how am I suppose to eat with that bag on thigh?) The flight attendant replied that i should tolerate the larger bags and keep my smaller shopping bag under my seat. hello? the Caucasian sitting behind me hardly had space for his legs as his knees kept knocking on my back! He then suggested it to be put in front of my neighbour’s seat. hello? he’s a total stranger. why should I let this helpful passenger to be uncomfortable because of my bag?

Inside the shopping bag was a swissroll cake which I bought from KLIA2 and 2 pairs of new shoes (in shoe box). How do you expect me to put under my or other seat and risk the cake being stepped by someone else?

At last, a female crew offered to put the bag at the compartment in the back row. I had to agree.

inconsiderate woman

The image attached is the female who sat in front of me. Look at how many bags she was carrying. All except her backpack were put in the same (first) compartment. I know it’s not your problem for her to be inconsiderate but i hope your crew can be wiser in selecting which bag to take out.

And why not put the large luggage bag of that Caucasian at the back row? It would save so much hassle and one less dissatisfied and unhappy customer.

p/s: I have submitted the letter to AirAsia on 10/9/2014 at about 4.40PM

My Ideal Job

My ideal job would be one that requires me to walk around frequently, greeting everyone as I walk pass, and having as much human interaction as possible. I like my time alone too, working on my own work and development, generating ideas and do planning. But I do like discussing with people, sharing ideas, and listening to other people.

My current job is somewhat 75% like that, and therefore I like how it is now and I can improve on it.

Experience with AirAsia

I traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore after a business trip using AirAsia. From my previous experience, I had the best impression about AirAsia among the budget airlines as it was named World’s Best Low Cost Airline

Blah blah. (This was a draft which I no longer want to continue writing it)

Below is what I wrote in the after-flight survey:

Be considerate to your customers who follows your one laptop bag and one hand luggage rule. How can your staff ask me to hold on to my both laptop bag and hand luggage while trying to be comfortable and enjoy the food I purchase? when another traveler is trying to question him, he responded by asking us to tolerate other passenger’s bigger bag and asked me to put my hand luggage (which is just a shopping bag) under that traveler’s seat.Hello? Why should I bother a stranger with my bag? Meanwhile, the passenger sitting in front of me (she sits in the first row) was asked to slot her bag under her seat where my laptop bag is. She push her bag all the way and I literally had no space for my legs while she has plenty of (more than enough) space for her own. I cant put my laptop bag under my seat because the guy sitting behind me has a pair of very long legs and his knees had constantly hit the back of my seat. After landing, the lady sitting in front of me took out 3 other bags from the luggage storage. Wow. Thanks for being so considerate to her.

It was a short 1 hour journey and yet it feels like a long uncomfortable journey.

Air Filter

We all need a mini air filter stuck into our nose to solve the second-hand smoke problem! >:( It won’t be obvious to people around you and yet you can breathe easily at anywhere.

Anyway, I saw a banner advertisement about a cigarette brand and at the bottom of the banner, it writes: “Reminder: Smoking Kills”. I can never understand all these advertisements and the efforts that the government is trying to put into stopping her people from smoking. In fact, I don’t understand why do people smoke when they know it’s obviously harmful?

I had a new horror movie idea this morning! >:) A horror movie about the encounters of some smokers…which actually resulted from a hallucination drug in the cigar. It would be great if it’s real. :/ Meh.

On the positive note, my patience has grew over the years.

Mini Paper Recycling Station

I wrongly printed an A3 document on 6 A3 papers again! It is such a waste that I wish to either prevent it from happening again or amend the situation – fix the waste.

So that reminds me of an idea that I had many years back – a mini paper recycling station that can be installed in all companies. All waste papers can be fed into the recycling machine every morning and new papers can be produced at the end of the day. The process can be ran one a week or month in order to save energy resources. Imagine how companies are there in the world. Everyone needs new ideas to save trees right?

I think I had this idea when I was introduced to paper recycling process during my primary school. I would tear the calendar (the one with Chinese festives, daily feng shui do and donts, etc) into small pieces, soak them in the water for days, with or without bleach. Then I will take out the paper pulp and roll it in between thick old towels. Finally I will dry the “newly recycled paper” under the sun.

Ahah! I can still do that for crafts purpose now!! :D But using an oven to bake the pulp would be good.